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Mon, 1 Oct 2012 20:34:40 -0400
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Tidbits - Reader Responses and Announcements - October 1,

* U.S. war deaths in Afghanistan on the war's 11th anniversary
* Re: GMO Opponents Are the Climate Skeptics of the Left -
  And Still More Reader Responses (John Vandermeer, Dan
  Morgan, Bernadine Young, Linda Greene)
* Re: Mainstream Media's Obsession with Venezuela (Haki
* Conservative Veterans of Voting Wars Cite Ballot
Integrity to Justify Fight (Ross K. Rieder)
* Scottsboro trial (Paul Leaf)
* The Neoliberal Assault on Disability Rights Thursday,
  October 4 at 7:00pm at NYU Kimmel Center
* Folk, blues, country & poetry - Jon Fromer & Professor
  Louie - October 20, 2012 - Berkeley


* U.S. war deaths in Afghanistan on the war's 11th anniversary

From: Center for the Study of Working Class Life
Date: Monday, October 01, 2012
Subject: U.S. war deaths in Afghanistan on the war's 11th anniversary
Dear Friends and Colleagues 

As we approach the 11th anniversary of the start of the
current war in Afghanistan this coming Sunday, October
7, countless Afghans and over 2,000 U.S. service
members have died there.  It is time again to consider
who is doing the work of this war, who is dying, and
the communities from which they came.  Please consider
the report on these questions issued a year ago on the
10th anniversary of the war by the Center for Study of
Working Class Life at Stony Brook University.

American Military Deaths in Afghanistan, and the
Communities from Which These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen,
and Marines Came 

by Yuxiang Huang, Michael Porter, and Michael Zweig 


Please forward this message to others in commemoration of this somber anniversary. 


* Re: GMO Opponents Are the Climate Skeptics of the Left -
And Still More Reader Responses

It is unclear to me why Keith Kloor's piece appears on
Portside, a service I rely on for accurate information.  As
a scientist myself (biologist at the University of Michigan)
I applaud the many studies questioning different aspects of
GMO products.  Their current manifestations present problems
to both health and the environment.  As studies such as the
French rat study continue to surface, Monsanto and its
hucksters continue trying to discredit the science and
threaten the scientists.  Kloor seems to have a great deal
of faith in the system that portside authors generally find

John Vandermeer


Perhaps it was a good idea for Portside to publish Keith
Kloor's despicable article, in that it stimulated Chris
Lowe's excellent reply.

Dan Morgan


Three recent articles, below, all in the U.K press, for you
to share, on GMO issues.  UK press is covering the issues,
but not here in America, or at least what is covered here
creates bias and doubt at the expense of truth.  Kloor's
article an example of confounding the issue while not
addressing public health concerns, as well as the domination
of corporations in our lives.

Daily Mail


IBTimes UK

Bernadine Young


Does someone at Portside work for Monsanto? If not, what on
earth would have motivated you to publish that perfect piece
of biotech-industry propaganda on GMOs?

The FDA, in approving GMOs, flouted its own scientists. The
head of FDA is Tom Vilsak, a former Monsanto executive.

You owe it to your readers to apologize and publish an
honest article on GMOs.

I strongly recommend that readers view the film Genetic
Roulette, which you can download from its website for $2.99.
Also, there's a plethora of books and articles on the
agricultural and health hazards of GMOs.

Linda Greene
Bloomington, In.


* Conservative Veterans of Voting Wars Cite Ballot
Integrity to Justify Fight

If I'm not mistaken, here in Washington state we no longer
have polling places (too expensive). All voters get a paper
ballot in the mail. Even before this developed we've had
intelligent absentee ballot rules and I haven't been (and am
pleased about it because we can vote in the 24 hours until
the next day's mail pickup and totally ignore the crap ads
on tv. I support the proposal made by Gore Vidal decades ago
that no ads be allowed and all networks would provide free
time enough for all party candidates to explain themselves -
and that debates be presented as debates and not as exposure
for the pundits and talking network Dorothy Dix

Ross K. Rieder, President
Pacific NW Labor History Association


* Re: Mainstream Media's Obsession with Venezuela

Excellent, a much needed piece.

Haki Madhubuti


* Scottsboro trial

NBC in 1976 which won several Best Film of the year awards
including the NAACP. I urge you to  see it.

Paul Leaf


* The Neoliberal Assault on Disability Rights Thursday,
October 4 at 7:00pm at NYU Kimmel Center

Room 803, NYU Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South

Sponsored by New Politics, the Radical Film and Lecture
Series (RFLS) and the Campaign for Peace and Democracy.
Speakers include: Nadina LaSpina, Ravi Malhotra, Jihan Abbas
and Paula Wolff. This event is wheelchair accessible. Please
bring photo ID for admission. For further information or if
you have difficulty providing the ID, write to [log in to unmask]

Nadina LaSpina is an activist for social justice and in
particular for disability rights. She has been arrested
countless times for civil disobedience and is an organizer
for American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT),
Not Dead Yet and the Disability Caucus of Occupy Wall

Ravi Malhotra is a disability rights advocate, a sponsor of
New Politics, and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law,
Common Law Section, at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa,
Canada. He has published widely on disability rights and
serves on the human rights committee of the Council of
Canadians with Disabilities.

Jihan Abbas is a Vanier Canada Graduate scholar and PhD
candidate at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Her
research interests include disability and the labor market,
social policy, and inclusion.

Paula Wolff is President of Disabled in Action and active in
Occupy Wall Street. She has participated in the disability
rights movement for more than 35 years. She is a social
worker and direct services supervisor at the Center for
Independence of the Disabled, New York.

Co-Chairs: Joanne Landy and Adaner Usmani.

Adaner Usmani is a member of the New Politics editorial
board, a graduate student in Sociology at NYU, and a member
of the Radical Film and Lecture Series.

Joanne Landy is a member of the New Politics editorial
board, Co-Director of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy,
and former Executive Director of the NY Metro Chapter of
Physicians for a National Health Program.


* Folk, blues, country & poetry - Jon Fromer & Professor
Louie - October 20, 2012 - Berkeley

Folk, blues, country & poetry at the center of the movement
for peace & social change.

Saturday October 20, 2012 - 8pm

La Pea
3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA
$13 adv. $15 dr. - 8pm
Advanced Tickets Available

Jon Fromer is an award-winning singer/songwriter whose music
is a special blend of folk, blues and country that has been
at the center of movements for peace and social change in
the San Francisco Bay Area for decades.  Jon is known for
his rich soulful voice, rhythmic guitar style, and poetic
lyrics that capture the human condition. Jon latest CD
"Gonna Take Us All" speaks to the power of working together.
Pete Seeger's response was "It's a great record! I hope many
people start singing your songs."

Professor Louie, the Poet of the Streets, was born bred and
buttered in Brooklyn, NY. He has played more rallies,
benefits, demonstrations, street fairs, meetings, block
parties, and picket lines than he, or anyone else, can
remember. According to his mother Rose, "That boy always has
something to say". Louie has 4 CD's out on the Free Brooklyn
Now label and you have to hurry, there's only a billion



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