September 2012, Week 3


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Tidbits - Reader Responses, Announcements - September 20, 2012

* To the killers of Troy Davis (poem by Sam Friedman)
* Re: Religion and Race in the 2012 Presidential Election 
  (Meredith Tax, David Worley)
* Re: Anti-Muslim Film: What We Know (David McReynolds)
* Re: The Forgotten Massacre (Larry Rockwood)
* Re: Robin Hood Tax Bill Introduced In Congress (Robert 
* Re: Obama & the Democrats Sending Mixed Messages about the
  Catfood Commission (Matthew Hallinan)
* We need a Global Wealth Tax! (Richard Parncutt)
* Re: Running hospitals like the Cheesecake Factory? (George)
* Re: Chicago School Teachers Give Us All a Lesson (Edward 
  Geffner, Laurel MacDowell)
* Three Job Openings in Labor Studies/Worker Education


* Re: Remembering Troy

You might want to distribute this as-yet unpublished poem.
sam friedman


To the killers of Troy Davis 

What is so common
as a day of doom
when cell doors rattle
while guards grab a prisoner
for their room of death?
Where paid killers kill
while claiming the mantle of The People
some person too poor to pay
good lawyers' fees,
some victim who may or may not have done
an evil deed,
but who was too black, too brown,
too poor
for the powerful to care.
For these are the words
of Justice today:
	The rich shall rule,
	the rich shall play,
	like DSK, they rape
	or kill,
	just as they may.
	You poor shall suffer,
	want and toil,
	until and unless the rich choose you
	for their State to slay.
Sam Friedman


* Re: Religion and Race in the 2012 Presidential Election

The first two of these articles contradict each other.

The first says that people who are religious are more likely
to vote for Romney than Obama.

The second says that women are more religious than men and
African-Americans are more religious than white people and

It should then follow that women and African-Americans are
more likely to vote for Romney than Obama.  But the opposite
is true.

So what's going on here?

Meredith Tax

[My article on the Innocence of Muslims film just went up on
openDemocracy; please share.
http://www.opendemocracy.net/5050/meredith-tax/politics-of-provocation ]


Query re. Polling Matters post: How can Frank Newport's claim
that people who agree that religion is "very important" to
them are more likely to support Romney be squared with Josh
Rosenau's data that African Americans are far more likely than
Whites to agree that religion is "very important."???

david worley


* Re: Anti-Muslim Film: What We Know

Just a quick comment. Given what the West (not just the US,
but France, Britain, etc.) have done to the Islamic world
over the past decades, it is no wonder that there is
sometimes fierce and riotous outbreaks of anti-Western

Just today CNN carried news of an "apology" by NATO forces
for an air strike which killed something like 8 Afghan
civilians. This has to be added to a long string of
apologies over the weeks, months, and years for similar
criminal "errors".

Having said that (and taking note that the West decided to
deal with a "Jewish problem" of its own creation by taking a
piece of Arab land and declaring it Israel), there remains a
fact we - liberals and radicals - need to face, which is
that there is a serious gulf between the radical tradition
in the West, achieved with enormous pain over many years, of
free speech and an acceptance of cultural pluralism, and a
tendency within the Muslim world (yes, only parts of it, and
yes, only a minority of it, but still a problem) to deal
with deviation by killing. We need to be clear that the idea
of issuing a death warrant on Salman Rushdie because of a
novel he had written, or massive rioting over an incredibly
silly video (which I did watch and was so incompetent the
rioting should have been over production values), is a
violation of our own cultural values. This, too, should be
part of a necessary dialogue with Muslims. One does not
organize murderous riots because of a cartoon in a Danish
newspaper, or a silly 14 minutes of video on utube.

David McReynolds


* Re: The Forgotten Massacre

I remember the Israeli Supreme Court was more critical than
the American press.   That would not be the case today.  Today
the war criminals would be considered heroes by both Zionists
and the American public.

Larry Rockwood


* Re: Robin Hood Tax Bill Introduced In Congress

I agree wholeheartedly with the spirit, the wording, and the
need for the Robin Hood Tax!

Robert O. Pritchard,
Cheboygan  MI


* Re: Obama & the Democrats Sending Mixed Messages about the
Catfood Commission

Another excellent analysis

Matthew Hallinan


* We need a Global Wealth Tax!

National governments are steeped in debt, a billion people
live in poverty worldwide, and urgent warnings about climate
change are being ignored. In all three cases, the main
problem is money. But the money is available - in abundance.
Economic globalisation is making the rich megarich.
Worldwide, there are now over a thousand US$-billionaires.
As concerned citizens across the world, we call on relevant
global organisations such as the UN, IMF, World Bank, and
G20 to negotiate a global agreement to tax all wealth -
including all companies, trusts, and wealthy individuals -
at a single rate of about 1% per year, in addition to
existing non-wealth taxes. Exceptions should be limited to
genuine non-profit organisations and individuals whose
assets are less than about US$ 1 million.

Please sign this petition at change.org. More details here:

Richard Parncutt, 
Graz, Austria


* Re: Running hospitals like the Cheesecake Factory?

You stated that the Cheesecake Factory has "more than 2000

The correct number, according to Wikipedia, is 170. You may
wish to correct.



* Re: Chicago School Teachers Give Us All a Lesson

Although I largely agree with Dean Baker I do have a couple of
comments. First, I think a good deal of the emphasis on
charters stems from the cost differential in labor. I have not
done the economic analysis but I assume that cost reduction is
a significant reason why charters are promoted. Second, I have
seen the shares of educational corporations touted as good
buys in recent months. Among other endeavors, these
corporations operate charter schools. The profit motive, like
that in health care, means that the management of these
corporations is withdrawing money that is paid to them and to
their stockholders, money that could be spent directly on
education. Third, I think it is quite interesting and
important that so eminent an educator as Diane Ravitch, after
studying the outcomes for charters and public schools, has
reversed herself and is now highly critical of charters and
considers them inferior replacements for traditional public

One thing parents in low income neighborhoods may well find
appealing regardless of the educational outcomes is that their
children are probably safer in a charter school that need not
accept difficult or troublemaking children and can expel those
who do create security problems.

Edward I Geffner


Congratulations to the teachers. Congratulations to the
community for supporting them and their union. Perhaps the
mayor would do well to now turn to working with the Blue-Green
Alliance to create jobs in the city so that the kids' parents
in Chicago can get better and green jobs, so a lot more can be
turned around. Philadelphia is doing it and so can Chicago!

Laurel MacDowell


* Three Job Openings in Labor Studies/Worker Education

University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The Department of Sociology and the Labor Center invite
applications for a "Professor of Practice" in Labor Studies
position to be appointed Spring 2013 at the earliest. This is
a full-time non-tenure-track faculty position. The ideal
candidate will have a track record working with the labor
movement, broadly defined, and substantial experience with
applied research and labor education. A Ph.D. or a Master
degree and an extraordinary record of practical
accomplishments is required. Specific duties include: 1) Offer
training, research, strategic planning, and organizational
development assistance to unions, community-based
organizations, and NGOs, in collaboration with colleagues in
the statewide Labor Extension Program and across the
University; 2) Conduct applied research and pursue grants and
contracts for labor-related research projects; supervise RAs
and collaborate with faculty in Sociology and other social
sciences; 3) Write reports and publicize findings through
conferences, websites, media outlets in collaboration with
statewide and community-based organizations; 4) Support the
mission of the Labor Center, including our limited-residency
and traditional Master's degree program, and occasionally
teach in those programs. Applications received before November
1st will receive full consideration. Applications should
include a CV, letter of application, sample of written work,
and three letters of reference. Electronic applications are
strongly preferred and can be accessed at
https://academicjobsonline.org. Paper submissions can be sent
to Professor Tom Juravich, Recruitment Committee Chair,
Department of Sociology, Thompson Hall, University of
Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003-9277. The University of
Massachusetts is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
Employer. In addition, the Labor Center has a deep commitment
to diversity and we strongly encourage minorities and women to

The Murphy Institute, City University of New York.

The Academic Counselor for Labor Studies will report to the
Labor Studies Program Manager and counsel students throughout
their academic experience, from inquiry to graduation, while
providing general administrative support to the Masters in
Labor Studies Program. The Counselor will help recruit new
students, advise them on their course selections and degree
progress, monitor the registration process, and serve as a
liaison between the school's bursar, registrar and financial
aid office. Candidates for the position must have a Bachelor's
degree; the ideal candidate will have at least two years of
related experience, which may include working with labor or
community organizations, and experience in student services,
particularly working with working adult students. The contract
title for the position is aHEO, with a salary range of $38,407
- $58,893. To apply visit the employment page atwww.CUNY.edu
(job search category Managerial/Professional). Make sure to
upload a cover letter and resume (as one document) with the
contact information of 3 professional references by the
closing date of October 8.

The Murphy Institute, City University of New York

The Academic Program Manager for Urban Studies will manage all
administrative aspects of the Institute's Urban Studies
Programs. S/he will work in collaboration with the faculty,
overseeing these programs to ensure administrative adherence
to academic policies and procedures, including recruitment,
admissions, and registration.  S/he manages curriculum
development and operations of the program while managing a
staff of program coordinators, outreach counselors and
clerical assistants. Candidates for the position must have a
Bachelor's degree and six years of relevant experience; the
ideal candidate will have an advanced degree, experience in
higher education administration, and knowledge of the academic
fields of Urban Studies, Community Studies, or Public
Administration. The contract title for the position is HEA,
with a salary range of $55,602 - $74,133. To apply visit the
employment page at www.CUNY.edu (job search category
Managerial/Professional). Make sure to upload a cover letter
and resume (as one document) with the contact information of 3
professional references by the closing date of October 8.



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