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Tidbits, Reader Responses & Announcements - September 13,

* Re: The Mind Thieves (C. Berrard, Karyne Dunbar)
* Re: Responding to Embassy Attacks, Romney Goes the Full
  D'Souza (Elliott Barowitz)
* Occupy the Film Festival! Anthology Film Archives, New
  York -  September 15 & 16
* San Francisco Vets in Foreclosure: Act Now * Sept. 17
* "Defend the Vote" - New York Basketball Game - Sept. 22
* The Rich are Now 288 Times Richer Than Middle-Class
  Households (David Lazarus - Los Angeles Times)


* Re: The Mind Thieves

Mr Monbiot, Good that you're doing the research on the
subject of Dementia. But, Alzheimer's has become a catch
word for all forms of dementia, and there many. And they all
do not fall under the heading of Alzheimer's, which is
specific to amiloid plaque congestion of neuro pathways. The
symptoms that are now dubbed Alzheimer's can be caused by
lack of vitamin D, or in my wife's case(she's been eating
organic food for thirty years.) a head trauma coupled with
hypothyroidism. Also group testing for the efficacy of new
drugs are concentrating only on getting rid of plaque or
preventing it. What about a damaged hypothalamus due to head
trauma? Finally, it's all food that's been suspect, not just
junk food, and a polluted environment.

C. Berrard


If we hope for government to intervene in the interest of
national health by regulating the simulated food produced by
major companies, we face the wrath of those who believe we
need less and less government intervention. I live in a
state where government intervention in the form of
regulation regarding work place safety is frowned upon.  Our
governor makes the case over and over for industries to
regulate themselves  without federal or state interference.
As a result we have the highest work related death ratio of
any state.

It seems the current belief is that we should be allowed to
self destruct without outside interference. Corporations
have more lobbyists than the poor.

Karyne Dunbar


* Re: Responding to Embassy Attacks, Romney Goes the Full

Perhaps Mitt Romney ought to remember this:?1983 Beirut
barracks bombing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

	"Suicide bombers detonated each of the truck bombs.
	In the attack on the American Marines barracks, the
	death toll was 241 American servicemen: 220 marines,
	18 sailors and three soldiers, along with sixty
	Americans injured, representing the deadliest
	single-day death toll for the United States Marine
	Corps since the Battle of Iwo Jima of World War II,
	the deadliest single-day death toll for the United
	States military since the first day of the Tet
	Offensive during the Vietnam War, and the deadliest
	single attack on Americans overseas since World War

Did Romney blame Reagan for this, did he blame G.W. Bush for
9/11? where over 3,000 were killed, and an untold number
were injured and has/have had horrible after affects?

Elliott Barowitz


* Occupy the Film Festival! Anthology Film Archives, New
York, September 15 & 16


In celebration of the first anniversary of the movement that
ignited the public imagination around the world, Occupy the
Film Festival will be held at the premier independent cinema
in downtown New York City, Anthology Film Archives, 32
Second Avenue at 2nd Street in New York City, this Saturday
September 15 at 6 pm and 8:30 pm and Sunday September 16 at
7:30 pm.

The festival will feature a curated collection of
outstanding films about the movement, including U.S. and New
York City feature premieres, exclusive filmmaker Q+A
sessions, outdoor guerrilla projections by the Illuminator
van, an Occupy photography show by award-winning
photographers, Occuprint collective poster display, Occupied
newspaper exhibit from around the country and informational
tabling. See films from Canada, Greece, Spain and Hawaii!
Hear from the home foreclosure defense and student debt

Organized by a collective of independent filmmakers,
artists, journalists, activists and academics, in
partnership with Haymarket Books, Deep Dish TV, Cinema Libre
Studio, Paper Tiger TV, People's Production House, Global
Action Project, Media Action Grassroots Network, and Queers
for Economic Justice, Occupy the Film Festival tells the
story of the first inspiring year of the movement through
art with depth, compassion and humor. Please buy tickets
today and support this all-volunteer effort to bring art by,
for and to the 99%.

Tickets are on sale now at http://occupythefilmfestival.com/


* San Francisco Vets in Foreclosure: Act Now

Noon Rally Monday, Sept. 17th

Join these seniors in protesting foreclosures on Vets: PRESS
CONFERENCE & RALLY Monday, Sep 17, 2012 @ Noon SF War
Memorial 401 Van Ness (at McAllister), San Francisco

Notice to Banks: Stop Foreclosing on Veterans & Seniors

Robert Moses , Don and Tina Baird  & Tuskegee Airman
Benjamin Reed have at least 3 things in common: They are
veterans of World War II, they are senior citizens, and they
face foreclosure.

Robert, a 92-year-old Navy vet has lived in his Vis Valley
home since 1972. He was given an adjustable rate loan to
bring his home up to code but had to stop paying in December
when the mortgage doubled. His wife is living in a nursing
home; Robert is disabled. His bank is Deutsche.

Don & Tina Baird have lived in their Redwood City home since
1966 and refinanced to help their daughter. Don served in
the US Coast Guard in the Pacific, and will turn 90 this
month, facing foreclosure Sept 24th. He has heart surgery on
Sept 27th. Their bank is Chase.

Benjamin Reed, a Tuskegee Air Man, and his wife Irma have
lived Twin Peaks for 27 years. They borrowed money to help
their adopted daughter. Wells Fargo is their bank.

According to AARP's recent report "Nightmare on Main
Street," in the last 5 years more than 1.5 million seniors
have lost their homes as a result of the mortgage crisis.
Join ACCE, Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe and others on Monday,
Sept 17th -- the one year anniversary of Occupy -- to demand
the banks work with seniors, Vets and disabled to keep them
in their homes; and that local and state governments pass
laws to protect these groups. Banks got bailed out, now it's
time for the banks to help out seniors and vets.

Other OCCUPY Actions on the One Year Anniversary, Sept 17,
2012: 3pm-4:30pm: NationStar/Fortress Investments Group, One
Market St- Spear Tower, SF 5pm-7pm: Bank of America &
Goldman Sachs, 555 California St, SF

Sponsored by: ACCE, Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe Contact
415-641-6012 or 415-641-1997 for more info


* "Defend the Vote" - New York Basketball Game - Sept. 22

In September 2012, the basketball community will join civil
rights organizations to "Defend the Vote".

In the months leading up to the November elections, the
basketball communities in New York, Philadelphia and North
Carolina will join branches and chapters of National Action
Network, Urban league ( New York Young Professionals) and
the NAACP, NYCHA branch to host a number of basketball games
to support the Get Out The Vote campaign. These games will
feature some of the top high players on the east coast.
There will also be a game featuring entertainers, promoters,
former basketball professionals and coaches.

The mission of these games are to ensure that eligible
voters can participate in the democratic process via the
vote. Their goals are to raise funds to support anti-voter
suppression efforts, register voters, educate former felons
of their voting rights, and raise awareness of the
importance of this year's election.

The games will be launched on September 22, 2012 from 11am -
5pm at the Riverbank State Park at 679 Riverside Drive in
Harlem, New York.

Rev Al. Sharpton will be a guest speaker, and there will be
a half-time show by T.E.V. & Creative Boys Culture.

For tickets and/or for more information, call (347) 323-3844

Harlem, NY
September 10, 2012



* The Rich are Now 288 Times Richer Than Middle-Class

By David Lazarus

Los Angeles Times
September 11, 2012


The rich aren't just getting richer. They're getting a lot

And you're getting poorer.

The wealth gap between the richest Americans and the typical
family more than doubled over the past 50 years, according
to the Economic Policy Institute.

It found that the top 1% had 125 times the net worth of the
median household as of 1962. But by 2010, the disparity
reached 288 times.

The institute cited two trends: More wealth finding its way
to the high end of the demographic spectrum, while people in
the middle class were seeing their cash grow more scarce.
The median household saw its net worth drop to $57,000 in
2010, down from $73,000 in 1983. It would have been closer
to $119,000 had wealth grown equally across households.

The top 1%, meanwhile, saw their average wealth grow to
$16.4 million, up from $9.6 million in 1983.

What's to be done? Well, we could leave things as they are
and watch as the middle class continues to dwindle while
more wealth accumulates among the 1%.

Or we can look at tax reform that would attempt to level the
playing field and tax all income levels fairly.

Man, tough call.



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