September 2012, Week 2


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Thu, 13 Sep 2012 22:09:18 -0400
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New Poll Proves Majority of Parents and Taxpayers Approve of
Fair Contract; New Song - Tribute to a Chicago Teacher

* As Chicago teachers strike enters fourth day, a new poll
proves majority of parents and taxpayers approve of fair
contract fight
* Chicago Teacher - New Song by Rebel Diaz


1. As Chicago teachers strike enters fourth day, a new poll
proves majority of parents and taxpayers approve of fair
contract fight

Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Blog
September 13, 2012

CHICAGO  - As contract talks continue to two steps forward
and one step backward, the city's 29,000 public school
educators enter their fourth day of a labor protest that has
shut down schools across the city. An independent new poll
indicates the majority of the public and parents support the
teachers strike and blame Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his hand-
picked school board for the District's education woes.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) negotiation team finished
Wednesday's labor talk's minutes before midnight saying
"there has been significant movement in the last 24-hours -
but we aren't quite there yet," said President Karen Lewis.
"They've moved inches in some areas, now we need them to
move yards; there's no reason to prolong this any longer
than they have. Until we have a clear landing, our members
will stay engaged on the picket lines."

On Saturday, labor, civil rights and education justice
allies from around the country are expected to descend upon
Chicago and join CTU members, parents and allies in a
massive march for education justice.  Today, pickets at
Board headquarters started again at 6:30 a.m.  Negotiations
continue today at 9:30 a.m. at the Chicago Hilton and
Towers. Later in the afternoon demonstrators are expected to
highlight the Board's misplaced budget priorities by
picketing billionaire Board of Education member Penny
Pritzker. Demonstrators will meet at 3:30 p.m. at the Hyatt
Regency at 151 E. Wacker Drive.

According to Capitol Fax, an influential political report
that covers state politics, "Chicago teachers have a strong
majority of Chicagoans behind them, according to a new poll.
Also, an overwhelming majority of Chicago parents with
public school students support the strike, the poll found.
And strong pluralities blame Mayor Rahm Emanuel."

Conducted by We Ask America, the poll of 1,344 voting
Chicago households asked, "In general, do you approve or
disapprove of the Chicago Teachers Union's decision to go on
strike?" 55.5 percent said they approved and 40 percent
disapproved.  Another 4 percent had no opinion.  The poll
has a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percent," according to Rich
Miller, the report's publisher.

Miller also noted:

(CTU) support jumped to 66 percent among parents of public
school children.  Less than a third of those parents, 31
percent, disapproved of the strike, according to the poll.
Among people with no school-age children, 51 percent
approved of the job action, while 44 percent disapproved.

A very strong 63 percent of African-Americans polled
approved of the strike, while 65 percent of Latinos
expressed approval.  Women and men almost equally approved
of the strike - 55 percent of women and 56 percent of men.

Asked who they thought was "most to blame" for the strike,
just over 34 percent pointed their finger at Mayor Rahm
Emanuel, while 29 percent blamed the Chicago Teachers Union
and 19 percent blamed the school board.  In other words, a
solid majority blames management, one way or the other.

But almost a majority, 48 percent, of Latinos blamed Mayor
Emanuel, as did 33 percent of African-Americans, 42 percent
of parents of public school children and 40 percent of
parents of school-age children.  All age brackets except
those aged 55-64 blamed Emanuel the most, with 50 percent of
18-24 year olds pointing their finger at hizzoner, as well
as 41 percent of 35-44 year olds.

At this point, there's not much Emanuel can do.  The union
has so much energy and real anger behind it right now that
finding a way to end this thing is impossible in the near


The union is not on strike over matters governed exclusively
by IELRA Section 4.5 and 12(b).


2. Chicago Teacher

by Rebel Diaz

September 12, 2012


[This may be the most important thing yet produced about the
Chicago Teachers Strike. Written by Gonzalo and Rodrigo
Venegas ( Rebel Diaz), children of immigrants who, who
learned music in the Chicago public schools, it speaks from
the heart about every important issue this strike raises.
Please share widely

Mark Naison in his Facebook post to the group Dump Duncan


Listen to the Song:

Homey I was taught by a Chicago teacher!
Chicago teacher, Chicago teacher!
I learned to read and write from a Chicago teacher,
So I'm inspired by the fight from our Chicago teachers!

The teachers are tired, the students dumbfounded,
the budgets get cut so classes are overcrowded.
Streets full of violence, the blue code of silence
so imma keep rhyming til salaries start rising!
The unions uprising! takin to the streets!
The workers are United so the Mayor's got beef!
Rahm's a fake pretender with a corporate agenda
Neo Liberal Offender, of course you offend us!
This aint about money! That's far from the truth,
they want better work conditions to teach the youth.
Politicians, I don't trust em, its all in the name
the president, the mayor all want political gain.
Theyd rather put the kids in jail, shackle em wit chains,
then provide an education that challenges the brain.
Top down education..Chicago- the birthplace
And now its spreading nationwide all over the place
They don't teach us how to think they teach us how to test!
they teach us how to work to put money in they check's
The CEOS need to get up out the classroom
before these streets get hotter than the sand in cancun!
so join the picket line like mr pickett in his prime,
put on ya red shirt like the bulls in 95.
hit the streets with a sign that says im fightin for mine
And yes im proud to say I was a public school student


Went to lil Lincoln School in a lil school bus
DEsegragation. Paid 20 cents for lunch
Reduced price ticket
For the lower income children
Art and music classes
In between Math and English
Now its different
They just teachin to the test
Forced by the feds
Or they losin that check
Too many children left behind
by this corporate assembly line
how they privatize?
education is a humam right!
and they kids gon be fine
they send em to private schools
while ours get sent to prison
or given a job servin fast food
cash rules
so it gets treated like a business
bought and sold
by businessmen turned politicians
so if Rahm was the chief of staff
and Arne Duncan got his start
in Chicago sellin off
the education system
then Obama gotta respond
the teachers or the corporations?
Which side is he on?
The streets is getting hot
They blame the heat on Chief Keef
But it's a million others like him being created every week
If we don't teach we don't learn
And the streets is gon burn
Before it gets worse
I put on my red shirt


released 12 September 2012
Produced by DJ ILLANOIZ. Written and performed by G1 and



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