July 2012, Week 5


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Tidbits and Announcements - July 30, 2012

* Re: Rebuilding the Dream Through the Democratic Party? (Marc
* Re: Racial Tensions & Questionable Killings by Police in
  Anaheim (Joe Maizlish)
* Re: Let Chicago's Anti-Torture Resolution Inspire Your Own
  City (Carolyn Eisenberg)
* Re: A Sensible "Deal for All" Challenges the Dreaded
  "Simpson-Bowles" (Ed Geffner)
* REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons is on holiday.
* Statement of Veterans For Peace: The Solution to the Nuclear
  "Crisis" with Iran is not Sanctions and War, It is a Middle
  East Free of All Nuclear Weapons

* Re: Rebuilding the Dream Through the Democratic

Ted Glick's Review Misrepresents Van Jones' Views:

Ted Glick's review of Van Jones' "Rebuild the Dream" is
troubling because it distorts some of Jones' main
premises. The title of the review is itself misleading
because Jones does not, as Glick alleges, propose
"Rebuilding the dream through the Democratic Party."

Jones' book deals with what he sees as three major
political developments that have had primary influence
on the US political scene over the past few years.  The
first is the election of Obama and the movement that
was created around his campaign (and then disappeared).
 The second is the Tea Party which dominated the
political landscape for quite some time until along
came the third, the Occupy Wall Street movement, which
Jones extols.  Jones' book is essentially his proposed
strategy for building on and broadening the Occupy

Jones proposes a "four square" paradigm for creating a
winning movement.  He envisions four contingent spaces
(squares in his diagram) in which activity needs to
take place in order for a movement to win
implementation of a political agenda (such as the 10
point "Contract for the American Dream" that Glick

*  The Heart Space is an arena in which new political
ideas bubble up (emotional reaction to issues).

*  The Head Space is the arena belonging to think
tanks, organizations, journalists, blogs, websites etc.
- proposal generators.

*  The Outside Game is independent movement building
(e.g. Occupy Wall Street) which, as Glick rightly
points out, Jones sees as paramount.

*  The Inside Game is the electoral system ("national,
tribal, local") which Jones considers to be an
absolutely necessary (even if distasteful) part of the
political process.

And here is where Glick misrepresents Jones.  Glick
wrote in his review that "the overall strategic
approach of Rebuild the Dream when it comes to the
electoral process is that this independent movement
should primarily work within the Democratic Party." 
But nowhere does Jones say that, nor does he even imply

Jones very clearly, in his discussion of the Inside
Game, calls for moving the Democratic and Republic
parties away from Tea Party/conservative influence and
towards support of progressive policies.  He calls for
the support and recruitment of candidates who are
critical, from the left, of the Democratic and
Republican Party majorities and suggests no preference
for whether those candidates happen to be independent
or running in the Democratic or Republican primaries. 
He specifically calls for using the primary process
(Democratic or Republican) to support progressive

Moving on, Glick found Jones' call for a 99% movement
which "defines itself as the 99% for the 100% to be . .
. both troubling and unclear."   But Glick neglects to
describe Jones' nuanced explanation of changing an "us
against them" (the 99% vs. the 1%) slogan to a slogan
that promotes inclusion - "99% for the 100%" or "us for
the entire society."

Glick asks "Does Van really believe that the 1/10th of
the 1% which really dominates the US government and
much of the world's economy are potential allies in a
struggle for a truly just world?"   But that very
question in a sense reveals the basis of Van Jones'
take on the 1%:  Jones makes it crystal clear that
there are "villains" whom he describes as "the worst of
the 1%" - and many of those "villains" that Jones has
in mind are undoubtedly in that "1/10 of the 1%" (like
George Romney and the Koch brothers) not just the 1%.

As a recent Portside article by Mark Zimmerman pointed
out, many elected union leaders have salaries that
place them in the 1%.  There's a big difference between
the bottom end of the 1%, whose members need not even
be millionaires, and the upper crust.  But even in that
.1% tier we find billionaires like George Soros and
Peter B. Lewis who have made it clear which side they
are on.

Glick also calls out Jones for "his pretty explicit
pro- capitalist orientation" citing Jones' statement
that "We need to advance toward a better capitalism." 
Well, the last time I looked I noticed that there
really are "better capitalisms" in this world - Sweden,
Norway, Denmark, and Finland, to name a few - where
inequality is much less pronounced and where poverty is
virtually nonexistent.

Marc Beallor, Brooklyn, NY


* Re: Racial Tensions & Questionable Killings by Police
in Anaheim

Note that among the many factors in the Diaz killing
was the drug war and the police behavior that it
encourages, and the profiling and bias that it opens
the door to.

"In some reports, police claim they approached Diaz for
"suspicious" behavior --  hurling something they
"believe" to have been heroin onto nearby roofs."

The drug war madness was a critical ingredient in the
tragedy, as it is in the imprisonment figures and the
racialized justice system.

Joe Maizlish, Los Angeles


* Re: Let Chicago's Anti-Torture Resolution Inspire
Your Own City
I wanted to bring to you attention that in re-printing
the article from Truthout, name of the author was
accidentally changed. Note the correct author is
Margaret Power.

Carolyn Eisenberg 
Historians Against the War.

Let Chicago's Anti-Torture Resolution Inspire Your
Own City
By Margaret Flowers*  (Correction - should be Margaret Power)
Truthout | Report
28 July 2012


* Re: A Sensible "Deal for All" Challenges the Dreaded

Keller is a true representative of the establishment
journalist's credo: present all sides as if they are
entitled to equal consideration regardless of the facts
and the justice of the positions. I shudder when I
think about what could happen if that "grand bargain"
ever becomes law. I would like to see Friedman and his
ilk try to live on $1100/month. Thanks for your fine

Ed Geffner


* REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons is on holiday.

Will return around Labor Day.



For the 28th year, the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration
Committee will remember the atomic bombings of Japan on
August 6 & 9, 1945, which killed more than 200,000
people.  Other organizations involved in the
commemorations are Baltimore Quaker Peace and Justice
Committee of Homewood and Stony Run Meetings,
Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility,
Crabshell Alliance and Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore.

HIROSHIMA COMMEMORATION on Monday, August 6, 2012 at
34th & N. Charles Streets

5 PM Demonstrate against Johns Hopkins University's
weapons contracts, including research on killer drones,
commemorate the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and
remember the nuclear energy disaster at Fukushima,

6 PM There will be a potluck dinner at Homewood Friends
Meeting, 3107 N. Charles Street.

7 PM Hibakusha from Hiroshima, Mr. Yoshio Sato, 81
years old, bombed just over a half mile from the
epicenter, and Ms. Kuniko Kimura, 72 years old, bombed
one mile from the epicenter will speak about the atomic
bombing.  Ms. Hiromi Abe will provide details about the
nuclear energy disaster at Fukushima.

NAGASAKI COMMEMORATION on Friday, August 10, 2012 at
Homewood Friends Meeting, 3107 N. Charles Street.

5 PM Join the silent vigil. 6 PM Enjoy a potluck
dinner. 7 PM Remember Nagasaki with an evening of music
and poetry. Would you like to perform?


325 East 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218 Ph: 410-366-1637
Email: mobuszewski [at] verizon.net


* Statement of Veterans For Peace: The Solution to the
Nuclear "Crisis" with Iran is not Sanctions and War, It
is a Middle East Free of All Nuclear Weapons

July 26, 2012


We are once again on the verge of another disastrous
war in the Middle East. The United States and its
allies in Europe and the Middle East, especially Saudi
Arabia and Qatar, are consciously pushing Syria toward
a destructive civil war. The objective is to bring down
the Assad regime, an ally of the Iranian government, as
a stepping-stone toward further isolation of Iran and
preparation of the ground for a military attack on that

At the same time, the United States, European Union and
Israel are using Iran's civilian nuclear program as an
excuse to impose devastating economic sanctions against
the people of Iran. According to various sources, the
sanctions have already wreaked havoc on the Iranian
economy, leading to inflation rates of 50 to 100
percent, youth unemployment rate of over 22 percent,
drastic reduction of Iran's domestic production to 40
percent of its capacity, massive closure of economic
enterprises and widespread layoffs, and 40 percent drop
in the Iranian oil exports during 2012, resulting in a
loss of $32 billion in oil income since last year
alone. It is expected that the new round of expanded
sanctions, which started on July 1st of this year, will
further reduce the Iranian oil exports to a mere 1.5
million barrels a day, thus pushing Iran into a fatal
economic crisis.

This is nothing but a clear declaration of economic war
on Iran. These devastating sanctions are not an
"alternative" to war; they are part and parcel of a war
aimed at forcing a regime change in Iran as an integral
part of the US plan for a "Greater Middle East." Let us
not forget the case of Iraq. There, too, a decade of
devastating sanctions was used as a "softening period"
that would weaken Iraq's economic infrastructure; make
the population desperate enough to welcome any foreign
intervention; and reduce Iraq's military capability to
resist an invasion - i.e., making Iraq an easy military
target. Now the same scenario is being repeated with

All this is being done in the name of removing the
threat of nuclear weapons proliferation in the Middle
East. But this is just a cover. Iran is already
surrounded by the US and Israeli nuclear weapons. The
very forces that are threatening Iran over its civil
nuclear program are themselves responsible for nuclear
weapons proliferation in the Middle East. A US/Israeli
military attack on Iran will have disastrous,
unpredictable consequences for the peoples of the
Middle East region and the world, and will be a serious
threat to peace and security of all nations.

The real solution lies not in selective targeting of
Iran with sanctions and threats of war, but in complete
removal of all nuclear weapons from the Middle East
region.The Middle East, like Latin America and Africa,
must be declared as a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. The
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) calls for both
the liquidation of nuclear weapons by states and the
discouragement of non-nuclear states from obtaining or
developing nuclear weapons; and the UN General Assembly
has repeatedly called for the establishment of a
Nuclear-Free Zone in the Middle East. As an urgent
response to the nuclear crisis in the Middle East, the
2010 NPT Conference has called for the convening of a
Conference in December 2012, in Helsinki, Finland, for
the establishment of a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle
East. This initiative must be supported and its success
must be guaranteed.

[thanks to Georgia Wever for sharing this with Portside



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