May 2012, Week 4


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Fri, 25 May 2012 22:22:50 -0400
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1 Re: Poverty Increasing Among Retirees -- Ellen Cantarow
2 Re: Message from SYRIZA to Chicago anti-NATO protests
  -- Roger Skutt 
3 Re: Pro-Choice T-Shirt Is "Inappropriate," American
  Airlines Rejects Female Passenger -- Jennifer Hoult, 
  Sue Udry, Ethan Young
4 Re: A New (Old) Idea to Rebuild Unions -- John Crawford
5 Re: Enough Is Enough: The End of a Lifetime Love
  Affair with the Chicago Cubs -- Leonard J. Lehrman,
  Seymour Joseph


Re: Poverty Increasing Among Retirees From: 
From: Ellen Cantarow

Someone once said that the status of women indicated the
extent to which a nation was civilized. You could say
the same about the way a nation treats its most
vulnerable citizens - the very old. The US must be at
the very bottom of the pile of industrialized countries.
It is a mean, brutal, heartless corporate plutocracy
designed only for profit maximization.


Re: Message from SYRIZA to Chicago anti-NATO protests
From: Roger Skutt

I was glad to see this report from Syriza. I wasn't
able to go to Chicago, but if I had been, I was planning
to carry a sign reading:

     CUT  DOD  by  $1/2 T ! (it sort of rhymes!)  
We need to slash "defense" spending by $500 billion a
year (that is, by about 2/3).  This would save enough
money to create full employment here PLUS contribute
$250 billion a year to a global program to solve world


Re: Pro-Choice T-Shirt Is "Inappropriate," American
Airlines Rejects Female Passenger

Sounds like two employees abused their positions to give
effect to their personal political views.  The passenger
should consider filing complaints against them with
their employer. I suspect that the airline does not have
a dress code for passengers that infringes on free

Jennifer Hoult, Esq.


We'll send a letter -- we can also launch a petition on
our website, but let me know if that is something you
are planning to do (no sense doing two). Thanks for
letting me know about this.

Sue Udry, Defending Dissent Foundation


The t-shirt wearer was thrown off her flight, and she
shouldn't have been. But was she thrown off because it
was anti-Republican, pro-women's rights - or because it
featured the word "fuck"? We'll never really know if
this was a crime against free speech or against the
demand for reproductive rights. Anyone who thinks people
wouldn't take offense at seeing one of the top two curse
words on a t-shirt must be pretty naive.

ethan young


Re: A New (Old) Idea to Rebuild Unions 
From: John Crawford

This is interesting. The entire problem of unions built
only on the prospect of wage and benefit negotiations
has come to dominate not only union strategy but some of
that on the left. Looking back at the conditions present
during the operations of the Knights of Labor (and, of
course, the IWW and even organizations sponsored by the
CP in the Thirties) would offer a fruitful line of
investigation, for review of the prospects for
education, community involvement, and agitation for
political change. I hope there's discussion around this.

I invoke this in the spirit of Meridel Le Sueur, the
author I've published, but also activists in many of the
cultural minorities who have always understood that one
road to revolutionary change is service to the largest
possible sector of the people. The growth of Latino
politics in general is a case in point. Intersections of
race and class and general concern for organizing the
unemployed offer other means of growth for what would
still be a labor-dominant political formation--whether
with a union label or not. The broader the better.


Re: Enough Is Enough: The End of a Lifetime Love Affair
with the Chicago Cubs

"Wait 'til next year" was the slogan of the Brooklyn
Dodgers for decades, at least until 1955, and the title
of a book about them by Doris Kearns Goodwin. When did
the Chicago Cubs get to appropriate it?

Leonard J. Lehrman


Harry, I'm not quite ready to follow your example in re
the Mets. Right now they're playing better than
expected, but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
And the Wilpon-Madoff connection gives me the same
sickly feeling you get from the Ricketts clan. The way
the owners act you'd think it was all about the money.
Can't be, right?

Seymour Joseph


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