May 2012, Week 4


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Wed, 23 May 2012 22:31:29 -0400
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Tidbits - May 23, 2012


* Re: NATO Talks a Sham (Ted Pearson)
* Re: In Chicago, Nurses Rally for "Robin Hood" Tax - reply (Bill
* Re: Austerity Meets Resistance and the Democratic Will - Report
  from the front (Frank Goldsmith)
* Re: Jobs First Is the Way Out of the Austerity Trap Dear (Barry
* Re: How FBI Entrapment Is Inventing 'Terrorists' (Lee Loe, David
* Reports from the German press -- Visit to Germany: Tsipras Says
  Berlin Must Back Down on Austerity


* Re: NATO Talks a Sham

Somebody, somewhere, should point out that the pattern excuse for
NATO - that "NATO was originally founded to provide a strategic
counterbalance to the Soviet Union" - was just as phony in 1949 as
the "war on terror" excuse for NATO is today. NATO was founded
and continues to be a military pact aimed at establishing and
enforcing the economic and political hegemony of U. S. based
transnational capital. It was, and is, aimed at suppressing
insurgent political and revolutionary movements. Mainly aimed at
Europe in the beginning it now plans to reach into every corner of
the globe.

Ted Pearson


* Re: In Chicago, Nurses Rally for "Robin Hood" Tax - reply

The 3 - 3500 people at the rally were not all nurses by any means.
Many of us, such myself and my comrades were there to support the
nurses and especially because we see an FTT as a way both to raise
significant money for jobs and as a way to reign in the
overweening power of finance, to limit the kind of trading that
contributes nothing to common good or to our collective welfare.


Bill Barclay
(DSA member; retired after 22 years in finance industry)


* Re: Austerity Meets Resistance and the Democratic Will

Report from the front.

Here in France, unlike what you report, French voters were very
clear. No to Austerity. The LEFT FRONT is very important & is
crucial to Hollande & the Socialist success. The SP is seeking
the Left Front participation. The Left Front top guy is opposed.
Most are.

The FCP WILL DEBATE the participation after the June 10 & 17
Parliamentary elections. They will be holding a Special

That FCP debate will be shaped by the willingness of the SP to
support LF candidates who come in first in the first round, June

In the past Communist FCP would support SP candidates who finished
first in the first round, almost all the time. The reverse is
never true. The SP turns it back on the FCP.

The FCP 's experience of taking positions in the 1981 Mitterand
government was a disaster. They had 4 ministeral positions. At
that time the FCP has over 16% OF The vote. Since the FCP
collaboration with the SP their voting strength has fallen to less
than 3% & their overall numbers from 600,000 To a dismal

Reportedly, with the LF, the FCP ranks have grown by 25,000,
almost doubling their ranks. Many are those who returned to the
FCP due to this independent LF which the FCP SUPPORTS.

The special convention of the FCP looks to be a major event.

These debates are also taking place in the CGT the largest trade
union federation in France ... & associated with the FCP. Re
vitalizing the CGT IS VERY much part of the same processes in the


Also, in your article on the austerity measures you left out the
ATTACKS ON THE TRADE UNIONS. The austerity measures demanded by
the TROIKA & WALL STREET directly attacked trade union collective
bargaining agreements and the unions themselves. I refer you to
PAME the trade union in GREECE that is the lead fighting union
Against the cutbacks & of course the KKE which leads the left
struggle & has increased it's voting power.


It will, in my view, be the left & not the Socialist Parties who
will end the austerity brought by the Bankers in Germany & Wall
Street. Experienced based politics has demonstrated that the
Socialist Partoes in The UK, Greece, Portugal & Spain that were
part of the problem



Will the democrats succeed in blaming the Republican cOngress OR
will the Republicans succeed in blaming the Democrats?

One thing is for, not having a Left alternative for trade
unionists to voice their rages, at least in a first round, like in
France, may push them into the right or not voting.

If their ever was a reason to construct an independent, Left
electoral form that is it.

Stay Tuned

Frank Goldsmith


* Re: Jobs First Is the Way Out of the Austerity Trap Dear

Our choices are not limited to austerity or growth. Jobs are not a
good way out of the austerity trap, because jobs require growth.
Did you forget that growth has limits? We are already an
unsustainable burden on our planet. Growth will finally lead to
unsustainable levels of resource consumption and pollution,
regardless of increases in efficiency.

Austerity will lead to poverty, depression, and war.

Planning can build an economy that doesn't need growth to make
jobs or austerity to conserve by poverty. Because mere use does
not require much consumption increased durability combined with a
stable population can provide vast wealth by inheritance with
little need for additional investment or resource consumption.

Satiation of demand is bad for biz and job creation, but it ought
to be the main measure of a good economy. Let's plan for it.

Barry Brooks


* Re: How FBI Entrapment Is Inventing 'Terrorists'

The incident in Florida during the Republican Convention was
explained to the peace community as being plans to use sling
shots to send charcoal- dipped/coated marshmallows into the
demonstrating crowd and explaining that "If you had been in
Vietnam, this would have been a hand grenade and you would be

Lee Loe, Grandmother for Peace, Houston, TX


Apropos the media response today: I saw David Gregory joking on
Morning Joe show about how the three "anarchists" arrested in a
Chicago sting prior to the NATO summit were probably just set up
by Chicago Police Dept. as a publicity stunt, as though roping
some tricking some foolish young person into a life sentence in
prison was a cute thing to do. Nobody on Scarborough's show even
blinked an eye. Ha! Ha! Land of the free.

David Worley


* SPIEGEL ONLINE - Visit to Germany: Tsipras Says Berlin Must Back
Down on Austerity

Visit to Germany: Tsipras Says Berlin Must Back Down on Austerity

Charismatic, eloquent and defiant, the leader of Greece's Radical
Left party, Alexis Tsipras, visited Berlin on Tuesday to ram home
the message that he will scrap austerity if he wins the June
election, and that no one, not even mighty Germany, has the right
to evict Greece from the currency.

By David Crossland

You can download the complete article over the Internet at the
following URL:

More about this issue

Time to Admit Defeat: Greece Can No Longer Delay Euro Zone Exit

EU Summit on Wednesday: Hollande To Confront Merkel on Euro Bonds

Mounting Risks: ECB Increasingly Concerned Over Aid to Greek Banks

An Ultimatum for Greece: Europe Raises Threat Level against Athens

'Sick Conditions': Why Greeks Will Vote for Tsipras

Sarrazin Strikes Again: German Author Says Berlin Is Hostage to
Holocaust in Euro Crisis

[many thanks to Mort Frank for sharing with Portside this coverage
from Germany]



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