May 2012, Week 3


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Sat, 19 May 2012 17:09:41 -0400
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Tidbits, Reader  Response & Announcements 
May 19, 2012

-  New Blog on Quebec student strike (Meredith Tax) 
-  Another tribute to Maurice Sendak, from Sri 
   Lanka (Subha) 
-  Re: The Duke Ellington Collective (Amiri
-  Re: France and Greece Continue to Shock and
   Inspire Europe (Charles Ostman) 
-  Income Inequality Leads to More U.S. 
   Deaths (resource link) 
-  Shut Down the Board of Trade Wednesday, 
   May 23 - Chicago Jobs with Justice


-  New Blog on Quebec Student Strike

Here's my new Blog, Le Printemps Erable, about the
Quebec student strike--with some cool pix.

As always let me know if you want to get off this list.

best, meredith

Meredith Tax www.meredithtax.org


-  Another Tribute to Maurice Sendak, From Sri Lanka

Hi folks

So this has been a long time coming, here's my new
Blog, finally.

And an ode to Maurice Sendak.

Subha. http://electra.blogsome.com/


-  Re: The Duke Ellington Collective

Is there some offense to white supremacy of Ellington
being a Composer?

Amiri Baraka


-  Re: France and Greece Continue to Shock and Inspire

    funding by the European Investment Bank, but also
    so- called project bonds, pooled European debt
    finance for growth-promoting projects.

A well intended, but hopeless strategy at this late
stage of the economic cancer that has infected the
entire RU.

The concept of "project bonds" (something that could
have been initiated here in the US as well) might have
been viable at an earlier point, but currently, the
public marketing of any such bonds would have to carry
an enormous debt load, in that the rating of such
bonds, even the with most "optimistic" rating
projections that could realistically be applied, would
require a substantial interest rate of return to
justify the purchasing of such bonds.

And that, to put it mildly, could create a ticking time
bomb which might look like a temporary solution for the
moment, but in fact would create such a fantastically
enormous debt obligation in the future, that the
economy of the entire EU could be seriously crushed.

At this very moment, attempting to distribute the
current debt loading across the entire EU in a drastic,
last minute attempt to salvage the value of the EU
currency, points toward some of the more fragile
economies (Greece only being the first worst example)
simply being "abandoned", and cut loose from the EU
currency system altogether.

If that were to be done, then those countries with
still potentially viable economies might have a chance
at marketing bonds with a credible interest rate debt
load, but to do this, the EU in its current form would
have to undergo radical restructuring, with fewer
nationstates actually committed to the EU currency, and
others that would sink further into a morass of debt
quicksand once they were cut out of the EU.

This is a hard pill to swallow, but realistically,
there are no "miracle" growth strategies hiding in the

I'm neither leaning "left" or "right" here, but rather,
agnostic with this assessment.

Charles Ostman Sebastopol,  CA


-  Income Inequality Leads to More U.S. Deaths

[thanks to Marc Beallor for forwarding this link]


-  Shut Down the Board of Trade Next Wednesday

Will you join us next Wednesday, May 23, to send the
message to Chicago's most profitable and most powerful
corporation that Enough is Enough and We Want Our Tax
Dollars Back!?

While the CME Group -- the parent company of the
Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of
Trade -- is holding its annual Shareholder Meeting,
we're convening a People's Shareholder Meeting to
demand an end to budget cuts and austerity for the 99%
while corporations like the CME get tax breaks and make
out like bandits -- with our money!

The corruption and greed continue unabated in the
financial industry, while the most vulnerable in our
society paying the price.  It's time to "Stop Corporate


Start 2:45 PM  Chicago Jobs with Justice, 333 S.
      Ashland 3:00 PM Buses leave for the Thompson
      Center, 100 W. Randolph 3:30 PM March to Chicago
      Mercantile Exchange End:  4:30 PM People's
      Shareholder Meeting, Thomspson Center

Buses Return - Jobs with Justice - 333 S. Ashland by
5:30 PM

Park at Teamsters Garage, 1645 W. Jackson

Travel downtown may be difficult for this event, so
ride the bus!

Won't you join us and  invite your friends? The CME
Group is one of "The Four Companies That Control the
147 Companies That Own Everything," according to Forbes
magazine, and is using its power to get its hands on
our desperately needed tax dollars:

- -   CME Group maneuvered $1 billion in tax breaks
    over the next decade by making empty threats to
    relocate if it didn't get these public subsidies

- -   These breaks are creating a massive hole in our
    state budget in a time of austerity, which will
    inflict widespread suffering on the state's most
    vulnerable citizens

- -   If Chicago's most profitable corporation can
    secure over $77 million in tax breaks a year,
    despite raking in close to $2 BILLION in profits
    last year, what's to keep other corporations from
    doing the same? Talk about setting a bad precedent!

Join Chicago Jobs with Justice and Stand Up! Chicago
next Wednesday to say loud and clear:

-  Stop the Cuts to Essential Services for Working
People! -  Corporations and the 1% Have to Pay Their
Fair Share in Taxes! -  We Want Our Tax Dollars
Invested in Our Communities, not Subsidizing Corporate
Giants Like the CME!

R.S.V.P. now for the People's Shareholder Meeting on
May 23 and Invite Your Friends! <[log in to unmask]>

Susan Hurley Executive Director Chicago Jobs with
Justice 312.738.6161 773.412.2386 (cell)
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