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Sat, 14 Apr 2012 16:15:21 -0400
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Tidbits - Reader Responses & Announcements - April 14, 2012

* Re: Ann Romney and Working Moms - Hilary Rosen Responds to
  Right-Wing Attack (reader's messages to Hilary Rosen --
  Nancy Mikelsons, Susen Shapiro)
* Re: Teacher Fired for Teaching Students About Trayvon
  Martin (Leonard Lehrman, Walter Teague, Sharon Clarke)
* Re: Real Talk, Not Hearsay, on the 99% Spring (Alice
  Slater )
* Re: Being Green: Presidential hopeful Jill Stein aims to
  rebuild a broken system (Gary Hicks)
* Re: Germany - Aggrieved about Grass (Stan Nadel)
* Woody Guthrie's Los Angeles - Saturday, daytime event at
  USC, night show at  the Nokia Theater - April 14
* The Manning Marable Memorial Conference - April 26 - 29 -
  Columbia University, New York City


* Re: Ann Romney and Working Moms - Hilary Rosen Responds to
Right-Wing Attack

Message to be sent to Hilary Rosen please.

Dear Ms. Rosen: I don't do twitter but I did receive your
response to the ugly responses to your remarks about Ann
Romney.  I thought you were gentle and gracious in your
critique and the Tea Party types who wrote you attacking
messages are anxious to attack all women who don't have the
money and the leisure that Ann Romney has to be a "perfect"
woman.  Thank you for your honesty and courage.

Nancy Mikelsons


To Hilary Rosen:

I stand with you.  If you want advice on plumbing, you
wouldn't ask a bus driver.  You are correct in stating that
Ann Romney does not have the experience as a single (or
married) working woman with children.  How would she know?
She's busy driving her couple of Cadillacs around.   The
worst thing is the criticism you received from the cowardly
Obama and others who should know better.

Susen Shapiro


* Re: Teacher Fired for Teaching Students About Trayvon

I know from experience that teachers must fight being
treated the way they do not deserve to be, as appears to be
the case here with Brooke Harris.  More teachers like her
are needed, not fewer.  If the superintendent refuses to
consider reinstating her, that superintendent should be

Leonard Lehrman


I just signed the petition "Fired for Teaching about
Trayvon: Re-Hire Brooke Harris at Pontiac Academy for
Excellence" and wanted to see if you could help by adding
your name.

Our goal is to reach 200,000 signatures and we need more
support. You can read more and sign the petition here:



Walter Teague



I'm writing to you today to call for the reinstatement of
Brooke Harris at the Pontiac Academy for Excellence Middle
School, Pontiac, Mich.

Ms. Harris' commitment to her students' education is
evidenced by her enthusiasm for bringing real-world
situations that relate to her students' lived experiences -
like the killing of Trayvon Martin - into her classroom. Her
competence, dedication, and passion have garnered the trust
and admiration of the parents and teachers who named her
Teacher of the Year two of the last three years.

Ms. Harris was summarily fired with no provision for appeal.

When teachers are afraid to address controversial issues in
their classrooms, students' education suffers and our
nation's best teachers are silenced. Brooke Harris is one of
these teachers, but you can give her voice back to her.

Please, support your students. Reinstate Brooke Harris.


Sharon D. Clarke


* Re: Real Talk, Not Hearsay, on the 99% Spring

Yes - but nothing about war and the military.  Very

Alice Slater
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, NY


* Re: Being Green: Presidential hopeful Jill Stein aims to
rebuild a broken system

The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts is the result of a
merger between the Rainbow Coalition, formed from a
multiracial split-off from the Democratic Party in the
mid-1990s...and the Green Party of Massachusetts, formed in
the 1980s. However, the activists who formed Rainbow
Coalition Party were an expression of inclusive political
movements and organizations in [especially but not only]
Boston MA, that have been in existence since at least the
end of the 2nd World War [1945].

So when writer Greg Hanscom quips arrogantly that"[w]e get
that you're trying to be inclusive, but a name like that is
NO WAY to win respect in the world" ...he is being
disrespectfully  ignorant of the history of movements and
forces that made all of us possible. In politics as well as
in personal conduct, we start out by respecting our elders
and what they've contributed to our political being and

Gary Hicks


* Re: Germany - Aggrieved about Grass

Grossman whitewashes what Grass wrote. Grass accused Israel
of planning a nuclear first strike against Iran that would
"wipe out" the Iranians--i.e. genocide.  He also played with
themes of inordinate Jewish power.  It is certainly true
that all too many supporters of Israel are quick to cry
Antisemitism at any criticism of Israel, but a comparison of
the themes in Grass' poem with classical Antisemitic themes
shows all too many overlaps.  I accept Tom Segev's assurance
that Grass isn't an Antisemite, but he opened himself to
these charges by using Antisemitic themes of Jewish power
and brutality while simply dismissing concerns about danger
of nuclear weapons in the hands of Iranian leaders who have
made numerous calls to wipe Israel off the map and who have
said it would only take a couple of nuclear bombs to do it
(no, I'm not saying that those concerns justify a military
first strike, but they do deserve to be taken seriously).

Stan Nadel


* Woody Guthrie's Los Angeles - Saturday, daytime event at
USC, night show at  the Nokia Theater

Woody Guthrie's Los Angeles

Hollywood Progressive

Woody Guthrie - who wrote more than 3,000 songs and is best
known for "This Land Is Your Land," often considered
America's alternative national anthem - had his first big
break and taste of success while living in Los Angeles from
1937 to 1940. His experiences in South California during the
Depression inspired his radical views about social and
political conditions.

He wrote songs about families facing foreclosure by
unscrupulous banks, migrant Mexican farm workers exploited
by agribusiness, and politicians who turned a blind eye to
the widespread suffering - topics that unfortunately still
resonate today. He also penned patriotic songs about
America's promise and its natural beauty, and angry songs
encouraging Americans to organize unions and protest against

On Saturday, Los Angeles will celebrate Guthrie's life and
legacy, part of a nationwide year-long series of
conferences, concerts, and museum exhibits sponsored by the
Los Angeles-based Grammy Museum and the New York-based Woody
Guthrie Archives. The local events include a day-long
conference at the University of Southern California and a
concert at Club Nokia at LA Live with Jackson Browne, David
Crosby and Graham Nash, Tom Morello, Dawes, Kris
Kristofferson, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, and the duo John Irion
and Sarah Lee Guthrie (Woody's granddaughter).

This local embrace of Guthrie as a favorite son - where he
developed his craft before becoming a national icon - is
long overdue. The City Council even recently named the
intersection of Fifth and Main streets in downtown LA not
far from Skid Row as "Woody Guthrie Square."

[more -
http://hollywoodprogressive.com/woody-guthrie-los-angeles/ ]

[thanks to Ed Pearl for sending this to Portside]


* The Manning Marable Memorial Conference

Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 8:00am - Sunday, April 29, 2012 -

Columbia University


A New Vision of Black Freedom - The Manning Marable Memorial
Reinvigorating Social Theory; Redefining Political Struggle

* For Freedom...


scholars, students, activists and community residents
discuss the creation of a more just world new ideas  to
fight structural racism, capitalism and local/global
socioeconomic crises social analysis and grassroots activism
radical struggles of workers, women, poor, people of color,
gays/lesbians, immigrants, prisoners

* For Justice...


ANGELA DAVIS with MUMIA ABU JAMAL (via conference call) Rod
Bush; Horace Campbell; Staceyann Chin; Rosa Clemente; Cathy
Cohen; Kenyon Farrow; Bill Fletcher, Jr.; Robin Kelley; Kung
Li; Clarence Lusane; George "SEN One" Morillo; Vijay
Prashad; Barbara Ransby; Loretta Ross; Ula Taylor; Immortal
Technique; Peter Wagner; Laura Whitehorn; Rhonda Williams;
Jasiri X; Exonerated Defendants in "Central Park Jogger"
Case; Artists, teenagers, former prisoners, community-based
organizations, spoken word, song, film, exhibits, receptions

* For Equality...


Manning Marable and Black Studies; Mass Incarceration; Black
Feminism; Malcolm X; Urban Housing; Hip Hop and Occupy;
Prison Writings; School Closure; Black Marxism; Colorblind
Racism; Reproductive Health; Ghetto Tax; Police Brutality;
Arab Spring; LBGT Activism; Theorizing The Help; Voter
Suppression; Justice for Palestine; Black Intellectuals and
Activism; Black Men Against Sexism; Immigrant Detention;
Racial Health Disparities; Teens Speak Out; Politics of
Tattooing; Islamaphobia; Politics of Graffiti


Presented in co-sponsorship by

*  The Institute for Research in African American Studies-
Columbia University
*  The Ford Foundation
*  The Center for Contemporary Black History-Columbia
*  Columbia University Libraries / Friends of Columbia
*  The Office of the University Chaplain
*  Department of History-Columbia University
*  Department of Political Science-Columbia University
*  The Heyman Center for Humanities- Columbia University
*  School of International and Public Affairs-Columbia
*  Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning

Registration - http://iraas.org/node/214


Manning Marable Biography


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