November 2011, Week 1


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REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons


Quote of the Day
October 30, 2011

'Beijing's good-will gesture is a good response to
those who see China as a threatening rival to Europe.
Despite differences in politics, economy and culture,
China and the EU are still good friends and partners.

'However, amid such an unprecedented crisis in Europe,
China can neither take up the role as a savior to the
Europeans, nor provide a "cure" for the European

'Obviously, it is up to the European countries
themselves to tackle their financial problems. But
China can do within its capacity to help as a friend.

'... It is advisable that at the summit European
leaders take heed of the voices of emerging economies,
whose remarkable contribution to world economic
recovery and growth deserves better understanding and
reciprocal treatment.'

English language commentary
Xinhua (China)
October 30, 2011

Toon of the Day
David Horsey - Seattle PI


Quote of the Day
October 31, 2011

'The #occupy movement opens up the space to imagine
what the country could be if we really did have a
democracy with a first instinct of serving the people,
instead of serving only the wealthy and their big

'Imagine a government of, by and for the people and the
things that regular people want and need. Imagine
everyone entitled to a free education through college.
Imagine a transportation system that helps us all get
around -- mass transit and high-speed rail systems
instead of just roads and highways for those who can
afford cars, with plutocratic pay lanes so those with
more money can get around.

'Imagine a people outraged at special passes through
airport security for those with first-class tickets.

'Imagine advertisers having to get people's permission
before they are allowed to interrupt their attention.
Imagine the things we would have if We, the People were
in charge.

'Imagine a modern, maintained infrastructure, good
schools, and a guarantee of a job working on those for
anyone who needed work.

'Imagine a government that enforced laws even when the
top few violated them, enforced job discrimination
laws, enforced anti-trust laws... or a government that
protected citizens from corporate fraud, fees, scams,

Dave Johnson
Fellow - Campaign for America's Future
October 27, 2011

Toon of the Day
Trick or Treat
Tony Auth- Philadelphia Inquirer


Quote of the Day
November 1, 2011

'Heather Conley, director of European programs at the
Center for Strategic and International Studies, said
that direct U.S. financial aid for Europe would be a
tough sell, considering the domestic debate over the
economy and Obama's jobs proposals.

'"It would be the worst message at the worst time -
that we now need to bail out Europe," Conley said.'

Washington Post
November 1, 2011

Toon of the Day
Greasing the Skids


Quote of the Day
October 2, 2011

'If Americans had been consulted about the bank
bailout, I doubt it would have happened the way it did.
At the very least, strict conditions would have been
placed on the banks in return for the money. The banks
would have had to eat the losses of the predatory
mortgages they sold, and help homeowners reduce those
mortgages. They'd be required to improve the
capitalization of small banks in communities across the
country. They'd be forced to accept stringent new
regulations, including resurrection of Glass-Steagall.

'But Americans weren't really consulted. It was an
inside job.'

Economist Robert Reich
'Greece's Choice - and Ours:
Democracy or Finance?'
October 2, 2011

Toon of the Day
New York's Finest
Jeff Danziger


Quote of the Day
November 3, 2011

'"There are so many students that are trying to get
jobs and go on with their lives. They've educated
themselves and there are no jobs and we're paying tons
of student loans. For what?'

Sarvenaz Asasy of Boston, who
joined the Wednesday's march on
Bank of America and who recently
graduated with a master's degree
and $60,000 in loan debt

Associated Press
November 3, 2011

Toon of the Day
Jobs Plan
Ben Sargent


Quote of the Day
November 4, 2011

'The have made a mess, and it's getting worse.
They need to do three things to get out of
this: 1) restructure the Greek debt to a sustainable
level, 2) provide a credible guarantee to Italian and
Spanish bonds and 3) reverse their macroeconomic policy
and provide a stimulus to growth and employment,
especially in the weaker eurozone economies.

'So far, they haven't come close to accomplishing any
of these basic prerequisites for a resolution of the

Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the
Center for Economic and Policy Research,
on the deliberations of the Group
of 20 at Cannes, France

November 4, 2011

Toon of the Day
Lunch Time
Mike Smith


Quote of the Day
November 5, 2011

'We hold elections, knowing they are unlikely to
produce the policies favored by the majority of
Americans.  We speak, we write, we advocate - and those
in power turn deaf ears and blind eyes to our deepest
aspirations.  We petition, plead, and even pray - yet
the earth that is our commons, which should be passed
on in good condition to coming generations, continues
to be despoiled.  We invoke the strain in our national
DNA that attests to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of
happiness" as the produce of political equality - yet
private wealth multiplies as public goods are beggared.
And the property qualifications for federal office that
the framers of the Constitution expressly feared as an
unseemly "veneration for wealth" are now openly in
force; the common denominator of public office, even
for our judges, is a common deference to cash.'

Bill Moyers
Remarks as Prepared for Delivery
at the Public Citizen 40th Gala
November 3, 2011

Toon of the Day
Our Own Infrastructure
Stuart Carlson


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