September 2011, Week 1


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Wed, 7 Sep 2011 23:01:06 -0400
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Announcements and Readers' Responses - Sept. 7, 2011

* Help Save Troy Davis -- National Coalition to End the       
  Death Penalty
* Bay Are People's Center - 518 Valencia - Grand Opening
  Sept 24!
* Special presentation: "Today's War on Workers - the Long
  View from Steel" - New York - Sept. 26
* Re: Labor Day and the spirit of Joe Hill (James Scoville,
  Tamaara Tabb)
* Re: Top Ten Labor Day Songs (Ethan Young)
* Re: 'The Last Place Where the West is Allowed to
  Intervene?' (Ruth Meitin)
* Re: To the Shores of Tripoli (Kevin Keating, Frank Scott, 
  Chris Horton)
* Re: Sex, Lies and the DSK Case (Amiri Baraka)
* Re: Meet The New American Sweatshop (Ruth Needleman)
* He's Back - Breakfast Protest of Henry Kissinger - Sept.
  13 in New York City (T.M. Scruggs)

Help Save Troy Davis!

Hi everyone, 

As you're all aware, Troy Davis has received an execution
date of September 21st. Even though we had expected this
awful news, it still feels like a shock. It is an utter
outrage that Georgia is gearing up to murder an innocent
man. Troy has no appeals left, so his life lays in the
hands of the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles.
President Obama could also intervene on Troy's behalf. 

We just have two weeks, but the fight is far from over.
Troy has already fought back three execution dates with
the help of an outpouring of public pressure. His sister,
Martina Corriea, has spearheaded the national and
international efforts to save her brother and her efforts
have slowed the gears from moving forward. But now the
death machine is moving again against Troy. This time it
is going to take all of our voices, all of our action, and
everything we can muster to say NO to the death penalty,
NO to the execution of Troy Davis, and NO to this
modern-day lynching. The time to act is NOW!

I know folks are eager to get to work fighting for Troy's
life. Here are some ideas of things you can get started on
right away:

1. Hold a petitioning event in your community for Troy.
Think through meetings, events, church services, famer's
markets, bus stops, busy intersections, etc that might be
good places to collect signatures for Troy. Fact sheets,
petitions, and clemency letters are available here. 

2. Use social media sites like facebook and twitter to
share the online petition, news about Troy, and show
support by changing your profile picture. 

3. Write a letter to the editor, article for your school
newspaper, or blurb in your church bulletin about Troy's
case. Contact local radio stations and ask them to cover
the case. 

4. Organize a speakout for Troy. Gather friends,
activists, and concerned community members to a prominent
place in your town to show support for Troy with banners,
signs, and materials about his case. Check in with Amnesty
chapters at campuses in your area and see if they have a
speakout planned.

5. Call (404.656.5651), e-mail
([log in to unmask]), and fax (404.651.8502) the
Board of Pardons and Paroles and voice your support for

6. Make a short video that explains why you support Troy
Davis. These are being collected and broadcast over
youtube. Contact [log in to unmask] for more

7. Be on the lookout for a national day of action. We will
certainly pass on information about that when we get word.
You can start thinking about whether it's feasible for you
to go to Georgia for demonstrations called there. If you
are not able to go, but would like to donate to assist
with someone else's travel, please let us know!

 8. Keep us informed about what activities you are
planning in your community. We will help spread
information about petitioning events, speakouts, etc. 


-Randi Jones Hensley_
National Coalition to End the Death Penalty


* Bay Are People's Center - 518 Valencia - Grand Opening
Sept 24!

Please  join us for our grand opening as we honor the work
and vision of all the folks that made it happen.  In
particular, we will honor the legacy of our dear friend Eric
Quezada, a co-founder of the Kendra Alexander Foundation and
the Center for Political Education, for all of his
contributions to our movement and to making 518 Valencia a


This event is free and open to all ages.
We will have snacks, refreshments, music and a brief program
beginning at 3pm.

If you're interested in booking 518 Valencia, please contact
[log in to unmask] or call (415) 863-9977

Kendra Alexander Foundation
518 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110


* Special presentation: "Today's War on Workers - the Long
View from Steel"

by Ed Sadlowski, veteran steelworkers union leader, champion
of union democracy, and current activist in Wisconsin

Monday September 26, 2011
6 - 8 p.m.
Stony Brook Manhattan
387 Park Ave. South, between 27th and 28th St., 3rd fl.
  LEXINGTON AVE., next to Devon Shops furniture store)

Ed Sadlowski is former director, District 31 of the United
Steelworkers of America (Chicago/Gary) and 1977 challenger
for USW president as head of the Steel Workers Fight Back
slate.  Ed has been organizing and mobilizing rank and file
workers for union strength and solidarity for over 50 years.
He brings this rich history and current involvement in
Wisconsin to his analysis of events there and their
implications for the country.

Sponsored by the Center for Study of Working Class Life,
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Michael Zweig, Director
[log in to unmask]


* Re: Labor Day and the spirit of Joe Hill

get the I in IWW right, please.

James Scoville


link for the Joe Hill article

I should like to share this article but cannot because the
link is missing.  If possible, please provide.  Thank you.

Tamaara Tabb

[Moderator's Note:


* Re: Top Ten Labor Day Songs

I know there's no accounting for taste, but Tennessee Ernie
Ford!? Furthermore, all the choices are white! Tut tut!

"Sixteen Tons" ain't even on the same planet with Jimmy
Reed's "Big Boss Man" [later covered by Elvis no less]:


ethan young


* Re: 'The Last Place Where the West is Allowed to

Congratulations on publishing this clarifying article
on Nato.

Ruth Meitin


* Re: To the Shores of Tripoli

What is this imperialist drivel? " Ghadafi  "the the enemy
of every decent person in the world"  toxic effluvia
ranting, the weekend night shift rampaging at a keyboard for
the first time? What pathetic, VOA supremecist Orientalist
doggorrea, circa "Captive Nations" anti-communist
pathologies...the pathetic "One World" Reaganite 1940's
infantile frothings to camouflage the incredibly
narcissistic masturbations of an essentially boring  19th
Century British Liberal Imperialist..What garbage.

Kevin Keating


where i stopped reading:

"Muammar al-Gaddafi was the enemy of every decent person in
the world. He was one of the worst tyrants in recent

Frank Scott


Why are you printing this?

Why are you printing "To the Shores of Tripoli", by Uri
Avnery, who has apparently never met a NATO intervention he
doesn't like and is eager for another?  I have to suffer
through this kind of war propaganda every time I read my
local paper or listen to NPR.  I don't need it from Portside
too! .

Chris Horton


* Re: Sex, Lies and the DSK Case

The last time Fidel Castro spoke in the US, he told a
standing room only audience , reading from a UN report, that
" in the history of the United States, there has never been
a white man convicted of raping a Black woman!"

Amiri Baraka


* Re: Meet The New American Sweatshop

Sadly, there is an even more tragic carwash story here in
Gary, Indiana. At a local carwash, you can get your car
washed and dried for $5.95! However, the workers who clean
and dry your car do not get paid anything. They depend
totally on tips. There is even a little sign at the desk
that asks you to please tip the workers. I think this chain
has more than one carwash in the area, but I have yet to
verify if all of them have the same slave policy!

Ruth Needleman,
Proessor Emeritus, Indiana University


* He's Back - Breakfast Protest of Henry Kissinger - Sept.
13 in New York City

Might I suggest the slogan we used in Austin Texas in
mid-1980s that stopped Dr. K.'s plans for national post-
Watergate rehabilitation for a few years (he planned a
"safe" tour of Southern universities with himself as senior
nuclear treaty statesman; nothing on Central America et

"Kiss Off, Kissinger"

T.M. Scruggs



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