August 2011, Week 4


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Tue, 23 Aug 2011 21:27:19 -0400
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1 Request to all Portside Readers
2 Re: Verizon Post-Strike -- Stanley Aronowitz and Sid Shniad
3 Petition Campaign to Free the Hikers Jailed in Iran
4 Re: The Super 12's Lack of Diversity -- S Llewelyn Jones
5 Poverty, Violence, and Climate Change -- August 29
6 La Peña's Great Concerts -- Lichi Fuentes & Jon Fromer --
  Sept. 23 - Berkeley


Request to All Portside Readers

Dear Readers,

The tenth anniversary of Sept. 11 is next month.

Portside wants to publish a selection of reader comments
on the impact and significance of Sept. 11 on New York,
on the country, on the left, on the peace movement, on
peoples' lives.

Please submit your thoughts and comments back to
Portside by Sept. 5th. Comments should be limited to 200
words and sent to: [log in to unmask]

Looking forward to hearing from you, and thanks once
again for being a part of the Portside community.

The Portside and Portside Labor moderators

Judy Atkins, Carl Bloice, Mark Brenner, Barry Cohen,
David Cohen, Ira Cohen, Marti Garza, Greg Heires, Will
Jones, Stephanie Luce, Ray Markey, Carol Pittman, John
P. Pittman, Meredith Schaffer, Jay Schaffner, Ethan


Re: Verizon Organizing Challenge Remains, Post-Strike

If Steve Early's proposal to carry on with an inside
strategy and pressure from community groups on the company
were to be adopted, this might prove more effective than a
traditional strike. As we know contracts are a double-edged
sword. They nail down wages and working conditions but also
usually contain no-strike provisions and restrict job
actions. But there are indications that the leaders of the
two national unions are negotiating from a perspective of
granting some concessions to Verizon. If so, the rank and
file should reject such a "settlement". If the union brass
persists in negotiating workers' gains down the toilet, one
wonders whether this labor movement has long to live.

Stanley Aronowitz


The union I worked for nearly 30 years had a long tradition
of conducting what were referred to as inside, or on-the-job
strikes. Because the contract had expired in many instances,
job action wasn't illegal. But this required an enormous
amount of communication and coordination within the union.
Sometimes members would become frustrated and buck the
approach, insisting that it was time to have all-out

This approach also requires tremendous awareness on the part
of those coordinating the job action because they don't want
to push things too far, lest it be in management's interest
to push people onto the strike via lockout.

In industries like telecom, it is increasingly the case that
management wants people on the street because traditional
job action has little, if any effect, due to the ability to
transfer work electronically. (See Neo-liberalism and Its
Impact in the Telecommunications Industry, attached.)

All of this really calls for organized labour to convene
inter-union conferences and other gatherings to discuss
means of effectively exerting pressure on management under
such circumstances. From what I can see, however, little if
anything, is being done along these lines.


Sid Shniad


Petition Campaign to Free the Hikers Jailed in Iran

Sarah Shourd, one of the hikers arrested, who was
released last year, and convicted last week said:

The community of people around the world who continue to
be in solidarity with Josh, Shane, me and our families
through many long months of suffering and separation
will forever be a part of who we are. It is you and your
commitment to our freedom that makes me believe in the
world and have great faith in what we can do together!!

Every moment I live now is for Shane and Josh, they will
be free and that is the day my life will truly begin
again. With my release we are all a little more free but
we will not rest until ALL THREE ARE FREE!!!


Re: Women & Communities of Color & the Super 12's Lack of Diversity

White is NOT a color!

S Llewelyn Jones


The Catastrophic Convergence of Poverty, Violence, and
Climate Change - New York forum - Aug. 29

Brecht Forum presents:

                Tropic of Chaos
       The Catastrophic Convergence of 
       Poverty, Violence, and Climate Change
       Christian Parenti in conversation with 
            Vijay Prashad & David Harvey

            August 29th, 2011 7:00 PM

Co-Sponsor: The Center for Place, Culture & Politics
365 Fifth Avenue- James Gallery


             La Peña's Great Concerts
            Lichi Fuentes & Jon Fromer 
               Sept. 23 - Berkeley

            Friday September 23, 2011, 8 pm
            .    $12 adv. $15 dr

La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley.
510-849-2568  www.lapena.org

Lichi's gorgeous vocals and moving lyrics have touched
hearts and inspired Bay Area audiences since the 1980s.

Jon's soulful voice and powerful songs have been at the
heart of movements for social change for decades.


Portside aims to provide material of interest to people
on the left that will help them to interpret the world
and to change it.

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