August 2011, Week 4


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REWIND - A Week of Quotes & Cartoons


Quote of the Day
August 21, 2011

'Just over half the French want the main opposition
Socialist Party to win the 2012 presidential election,
ending three terms of conservative government,
according to an opinion poll by Viavoice.

'The survey, to be published Monday in the daily
Liberation, found that 53 percent of those surveyed
wanted the left to win the election while 37 percent
hoped it would lose.'

August 21, 2011

Toon of the Day
Jobs Plan
Mike Luckovich


Quote of the Day
August 22, 2011

'Over the next few weeks, millions of Americans will be
heading off to college, and despite the promise of
need-blind admissions, more of them than ever will be
struggling to pay for it. It's not just the economy's
fault: even as they publicize lavish financial aid
packages, colleges and universities are making it
harder for average American families to afford higher
education, while making it easier for the wealthy.'

Noah S. Bernstein
'The Hidden Costs of Higher Ed'
New York Times
August 22, 2011

Toon of the Day
Affirmative Action
Signe Wilkinson


Quote of the Day
August 23, 2011

'The country has been and is getting richer. The reason
that most people do not feel better off is that most of
the money has gone to those at the top. Part of the
reason is that they have been distracted by nonsense
about the crushing burden of Social Security, so they
have not paid attention to the policies that put more
money in the pockets of the rich. Unfortunately, at the
moment, President Obama seems to be working with the

Dean Baker
August 22, 2011

Toon of the Day
Dave Brown
The Independent (UK)


Quote of the Day
August 24, 2011

'The market isn't magic and it doesn't trickle down.
There's a role for government-I just wish the people in
government would play it. The Paul Ryans of the world
actually don't want a society. They want individuals
and corporations to make ungodly amounts of money.
There is no society-only individuals and what
individuals can do on their own.'

Rose Ann DeMoro
Executive Director of National Nurses
United, upon being names one of the
100 most influential people in
healthcare for the 10th year

August 24, 2011

Toon of the Day
Senators' Salaries
Ted Rall


Quote of the Day
August 25, 2011

'Rightwing Republicans twiddle the nation's thumbs
while we squander America's vast energy resources--the
powerful wind on two coasts and down the middle of the
country that could spin the turbines of vast wind
farms, the sun that shines day after day in the deserts
of our southwest, coal fired power plants the need
upgrading and the installation of scrubbers and carbon
sequestration. All this would require the upgrading of
our transmission lines and electricity infrastructure.
All this work would require thousands and thousands of
people. Just as importantly, it would be an investment
in America's future. China understands this. That's why
they spend 2 billion dollars a month on renewable
energy. Germany understands this. That is why they are
working to be the leader of the world in solar power.'

Stewart Acuff,Utility Workers Union
of America (UWUA) Chief of Staff and
co-author of Getting America Back To

Common Dreams
August 22, 2011

Toon of the Day
For Sale
Ben Sargent


Quote of the Day
August 26, 2011

'Speculators are betting against the euro, banks are
taking incalculable risks and the markets are in
turmoil. Three years after the Lehman Brothers
bankruptcy, the financial industry has become a threat
to the global economy again. Governments missed the
chance to regulate the industry, and another crash is
just a matter of time.'

Spiegel (Germany)
August 23, 2011

Toon of the Day
Spoils of War
Dave Brown - The Independent (UK)


Quote of the Day
August 27, 2011

'The government should answer to the demands of its
people, be it Syria, Yemen or other countries. The
people of these nations have legitimate demands, and
the governments should answer these demands as soon as

'...A vacuum in the Syrian regime would have an
unpredictable impact on the region and its neighbors.'

Ali Akbar Salehi, foreign
minister of Iran
New York Times
August 27, 2011

Toon of the Day
On the Road
Pat Bagley


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