November 2010, Week 1


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Fri, 5 Nov 2010 23:59:30 -0400
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[Below are some reader responses to our About Portside
series. -- moderator]

Wally Roberts * Dr Dan Jordan * Benita Sampedro * Ras Moshe * Sharon Colbert * Benz * Craig R. Tavani * Mike Rice * Phyllis Willett * Lucy Rosenblatt * Anna Shenk * Mel Rothenberg * Joe Delia * Eric Schuster * Yvette Pollack * David Mott * kim * John Case * Jacques Coubard * Seumas Milne


I've surprised myself a couple of times by reading a
terrific news story during the day and then that night
seeing it pop up in the evening delivery of Portside
news. One time a couple of years ago, you sent out a
NYTimes story by Celia Dugger about the connections
between US agribusiness and US foreign aid supplied to
African countries. This aid consists mainly of products
produced with Congressionally-approved farm subsidies.
The products are then bought by USAID at inflated
prices and used for foreign aid.

It was such a great story exposing the complete
corruption of this system that after I saw that
Portside had selected it for redistribution, I wrote to
Dugger to tell her what a great story it was and that
Portside had selected it for redistribution. She wrote
back and asked what Portside was. I copied and pasted
the About Us description at the bottom of every article
you send out and sent the information to her. I never
heard back, not even a thank you, and surmised that she
may not have appreciated having her news stories picked
up and redistribted by a lefty outfit. As the man said,
"And so it goes."

Thanks for all your great work.

Wally Roberts
Williamstown, Vt.


Hey, thanks for coming from behind the screen. And
thanks for all you do, Portside has provided a harbor
of sanity. We can't always make things better, but it's
good to know we're not alone. If any of you all are
ever in Ventura County, CA, get in touch and we'll go
for a sail. Or at least party on the dock.

Dr Dan Jordan


Congratulations, Portside!

We love your international coverage, always intelligently selected, timely, progressive. In our household we all read Portside daily. We can not live without you!

Thank you again,

Benita Sampedro, 
Professor at Hofstra University 


Thank you much!
I've been enjoying the reads.

Ras Moshe


Thank you all, for all you do!!! It has been an
education and a pleasure being a subscriber. I look
forward to the next ten years.

Sharon Colbert


Here here! All of this is absolutely true. Portside is



To those on the Left at Portside:

Not being an advocate of "progressive" thought myself, I nonetheless still subscribe to Portside. I appreciate the opportunity it provides for discovering items of interest to those who consider themselves progressive in their thinking. This is important to me because many of my friends are to the left of me in their point of view. PORTSIDE keeps me informed in a way that helps me communicate with my friends so that we can remain friends. So, even though it often is quite frustrating for me, I am grateful that I have been a subscriber to Portside these many years. 

Craig R. Tavani
someMimics Theater in Community

P.S. Port out, starboard home - POSH is the life for me!


I've been disseminating your stuff for a very long
time too. I don't know if I go back as far as 1998,
but I go back a long time.

Mike Rice


Well, then, guess you are all doing a great job!!! Congrats and thank you.

Phyllis Willett 


here here!!! or is it Hear hear!!!

Lucy Rosenblatt


Dear Portside

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Anna Shenk


As moderator on NOIRAQWAR and PJVOTER lists which
covers the Chicago area, I regularly repost items from
Portside and Portside Labor on our lists. There is no
better source of insightful left commentary on the
internet, and many of us in Chicago rely on your work.

Mel Rothenberg


Happy 10th Anniversary .., Portside is really a valuable resource... Thanks for all you do. 

Joe Delia


Portside is interesting, though sometime its a little
boring. Keep it up.

Eric Schuster
No-One Special 


Okay, I have, over the years, submitted several items
for consideration, and some have even been printed. I
also have forwarded many messages to friends,
particularly those outside of the US, to alert them to
information I knew their local press would not be

So the only thing left for me to do to help celebrate
your 10th anniversary is to make a contribution for
your hidden expenses, and this I will do to my own
personal moderator/ neighbor/friend, as soon as he lets
me know that he has returned from Wash and is prepared
to share his experiences of this weekend with me.

To all the rest of you, a hearty "mazeltov" and long
may you survive to continue this much journalistic
Yvette Pollack


I very much appreciate Portside. It is an immensely
helpful source of information and ideas that keeps me
informed and challenged. I would, however, have to say
that I am continually amazed that organizations such as
yours -- Monthly Review, In These Times, Labor Notes,
etc.-- continue to print anything by Steve Early with a
straight face. His work is so riddled with bias,
inaccuracies, self aggrandisement that to call him a
hack is being too kind. For all his proclamations of
radicaism and progressive thought and "advice," he is
in fact the prime example of the petrified thinking,
conventional (wrong) wisdom and reactionary-
conservative thinking that passes for too much of the
left intellectual thought in this country.
David Mott


Congratulations and I wish you many more news filled



I have found myself forwarding Portside articles
hundreds of times to friends, colleagues and family
over the decade -- has it been that long!! But I
confess my favorite feature is the Rewind of Quotes and
Cartoons, which never fail to both entertain and
educate. I always get the most feedback from them. The
many fine original articles also make Portside stand
out on the Left. Not least, thanks also for the efforts
to keep the discussion away from sectarian and dead-end
debates and, instead, on the most important questions
facing many and diverse movements. Long live Portside!

John Case



Congratulations from Paris where you are very useful
for my newspaper "L'Humanite".Many thanks.

Jacques Coubard


Hi - I don't seem to be getting your excellent
emailings any more? Would it be possible to put me back
on your list? All best,

Seumas Milne


Portside aims to provide material of interest to people
on the left that will help them to interpret the world
and to change it.

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