Friday Nite Videos | 12-20-19: Holiday Music Special

Portside Snapshot - December 21, 2019

Friday Nite Videos | 12-20-19: Holiday Music Special

"Once Upon Impeachment," A Late Show Animated Christmas Classic. Otis Taylor | Resurrection Blues. Bob Dylan | Long Ago, Far Away. Don McLean | Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night). Bob Marley | Get Up Stand Up.

Trump’s Pal Tulsi

Harold Meyerson

The American Prospect
Tulsi continues to play to the credulous wing of the left

Plan for a Global Green New Deal

Cell Press
An updated vision of the steps that 143 countries around the world can take to attain 100% clean, renewable energy by the year 2050

Portside Message: A Holiday Like No Other

This holiday season is truly different. Alongside the festivities, battle lines have been drawn. The survival of democracy is at stake. We ask readers for their support once a year. If you like what we do, this is the time to support Portside.

Corpse of the Revolution

Majid Naficy

The great exiled Persian poet Majid Naficy exposes the continuing pain of Iranian people.

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