Friday Nite Videos | September 13, 2019

Portside Snapshot - September 14, 2019

Friday Nite Videos | September 13, 2019

Edward Snowden in Exile: ‘You Have to Be Ready to Stand for Something.’ Musicians Love Making Fun of Bob Dylan. Beto O'Rourke: 'We're going to take away your AR-15.' John Oliver: Filibuster. How Black Americans Were Robbed of Their Land.

The Human Cost of a Cheap Manicure

Kim Kelly

Teen Vogue
Teen Vogue runs an op-ed column, No Class, dedicated to worker struggles and the American labor movement. This week's column focuses on the troubling working conditions at nail salons and the organizing efforts to change them.

“Sitting Around Singing Kumbaya”

Arielle Greenberg

Poetry Northwest
"Come by here": Listen as the Maine-based poet Arielle Greenberg takes you to the radical roots , the heritage and legacy of the oft-maligned song, Kumbaya.

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