The Problem With Community Land Trusts

Portside Snapshot - July 14, 2019

The Problem With Community Land Trusts

Olivia R. Williams

Acquiring and administering property should not be housing movements’ only goals — advocacy for affordable housing must be coupled with bottom-up control by residents.

Review: A Plant Closing War

Steve Early

Labor Notes
At War, a new movie from Cinema Libre Studio, vividly portrays shop floor resistance to corporate power in small-town France.

Benny Morris Reveals More About Cover-Up of The Nakba

Jonathan Ofir

Morris decries the “idiocy” of the Malmab in hiding these materials, since “the whole story was told and publicized since 1988 in many books in Hebrew and English, from my pen and from others”.

The Book of Palestine: National Liberation vs Endless Negotiations

Ramzy Baroud

The Palestine Chronicle
Palestinians must write their own book, one guided by the concept of national liberation, not endless negotiations; one predicated on unity, not mortifying factionalism; one that appeals to the global community, not to American handouts.

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