‘What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?’ by Frederick Douglass

Portside Snapshot - July 5, 2019

Chicago's Democratic Socialists Promise Change as They Take Office

Eric Lutz

The Guardian
Democratic socialists now make up more than 10% of Chicago’s city council, potentially wielding considerable influence. It will need to build alliances in order to enact their agenda and their even more ambitious goal of reforming city government.

China’s Belt and Road of Science

Emanuel Pastreich

Foreign Policy in Focus
China’s ambitious infrastructure Belt and Road Initiative is about building knowledge and not just things. It has grown by leaps and bounds while America’s geopolitical vision has become increasingly isolationist, paranoid, and confrontational.

How the Worst Values of Sports Are Taking Over America

Robert Lipsyte

Tom Dispatch
Say one thing about the world of sports: in some fashion, it invariably reflects developments in the larger world. It hardly matters whether the subject is war or inequality. Take a knee for a moment and think about that or, of Donald Trump....

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