Friday Nite Videos | October 5, 2018

Portside Snapshot - October 6, 2018

Friday Nite Videos | October 5, 2018

A Conversation on Consent. Willie Nelson - Vote 'Em Out (Texas Rally for Beto). Trump Takes a Stand for the Real Victims: Men. Movie: Vice. GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski Explains 'No' Vote on Kavanaugh.

The Chicago Police Conviction Is a Victory for Black Lives Matter

Miles Kampf-Lassin

In These Times
In an interview, Black Lives Matter organizer Aislinn Pulley explains why she sees the verdict as a step toward dismantling the systems of racist policing and economic inequality that have defined Chicago for decades.

German History and Trump's Enablers

Richard E. Frankel

History News Network
One of the most important lessons that German history has to offer is less about Hitler than about those around him, many of whom were not even Nazis. The enablers also bear responsibility.

City Lights

Peter Neil Carroll

Marin Poetry Center Anthology XXI 2018
In multicultural San Francisco, poet Peter Neil Carroll captures the local support for refugee rights.

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