$15 at Amazon Proves: Targeting Jeff Bezos Worked

Portside Snapshot - October 4, 2018

$15 at Amazon Proves: Targeting Jeff Bezos Worked

Micah Uetricht

Jacobin Magazine
Bernie Sanders has an activist orientation. But without the looming threat of workers disrupting business as usual at Amazon, targeting Jeff Bezos wouldn’t have much teeth to it. With that connection he punches well above his weight.

Trump's Tax Scams. In Gory Detail.

David Cay Johnston

DC Report
The New York Times expose is “unprecedented in scope and precision.” And it shows in vivid detail how egregious the Trump family's tax cheating was – not chiseling here and there, but gigantic lies to escape lawful burdens.

How the Tentacles of the U.S. Military Are Strangling the Planet

Vijay Prashad

The United States military has a staggering 883 military bases in 183 countries, Russia has 8, China 1. There is no country with a military footprint that replicates that of the United States. The bases create instability rather than peace.

We Speak, We Remember, We Will Win

Jessica Juarez Scruggs

I will use my voice to share all of the stories that have been silence because they are inconvenient or might spoil someone’s ambitions. We are all at risk, but once again, women, particularly women of color, are on the front line.

Global Left Midweek - October 3, 2018

Vijay Prashad on Venezuela, Vietnam's New President, UK: Labour Party Meets, Pan-Africanism Conference in Ghana, Murder Wave in Colombia, Breakthrough for Québec Solidaire, Euro Left Seminar

Amazon Raises Minimum Wage For US And UK Employees

Richard Partington

The Guardian
Amazon has raised its minimum wage for British and American workers, in a major milestone for campaigners pushing for pay increases to tackle rising levels of poverty and inequality.

The G.O.P. is Destroying Wisconsin -- and We Should All Be Worried

Jim Swearingen

The National Book Review
Wisconsin is one of several states with proud progressive, working class histories that are now the focus of the Republican Party's experiments in deeply conservative government. This book recounts the legacy of that experiment.

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