To Create True Sanctuary Cities, We Must End Racist Policing

Portside Snapshot - June 5, 2018

To Create True Sanctuary Cities, We Must End Racist Policing

Reyna Wences and Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz

Cities across the US have enacted sanctuary measures to resist the Trump administration’s escalation of anti-immigrant policing, but most municipal measures have a central weakness: They only protect immigrants deemed as “law-abiding,” leaving those already ensnared in a racist system unprotected.

Notice to Vacate

Kelley Cutler

The Stansbury Forum
Cold winter winds whipped under the freeway overpass. A piece of paper tied to a green tent with a rubber band flapped in the wind. The message on the paper read: “RESOLUTION DAY: TUES. FEB. 27th, 2018” “NOTICE TO VACATE”… “Persons who refuse to vacate area may be subject to citation and/or arrest."

Brazil Has Fallen Prey to Coup Leaders and Generals

Francesco Bilotta

il manifesto
Temer’s decision to deploy the military in the favelas of Rio shows the willingness to make use of soldiers again in activities of social control, like in the days of the military dictatorship.

Stories of the Catastrophe: Palestine

Rami Almeghari, Mohammed Asad and Anne Paq

The Electronic Intifada
Seventy years ago, Palestinians suffered the Nakba, or catastrophe, when most fled or were forced by Zionist militias to flee Palestine to make room for the creation of the state of Israel and ensure a Jewish majority. Some 750,000 ended up as refugees registered with the United Nations.

Down the Memory Hole: Trump’s Strategic Assault on Democracy, Word by Word

Karen J. Greenberg

The very idea that the government can control what words we use and don’t at a university-related event seems to violate everything we as a country hold dear about the independence of educational institutions from government control, not to mention the sanctity of free speech..."

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