How to Protect a Renter Nation

Portside Snapshot - May 23, 2018

How to Protect a Renter Nation

Deonna Anderson

Yes! Magazine
Laws that help renters are based on the belief that housing is a right for all, not just for those who own homes.

“We Are Going to Not Allow Kinder Morgan to Finish This Pipeline”

Andy Rowell

Oil Change International
“It’s not just about the spills, it’s not just about the orcas,” said Graham Clumpner one of the paddlers with the Mosquito Fleet: “The bigger issue that we are all facing is climate change,” he said. “We are going to not allow Kinder Morgan to finish this pipeline.”

Dispatches From the Culture Wars

Dance, pendejo; Royals go off program; Teens get political while dodging bullets; 911 is a death sentence; Women turn out for their rights in Spain

'Roll Up Your Sleeves': At a Dark Time for U.S. Unions, This Woman Sees Hope

Mike Elk

The Guardian
“If you look at the strongest unions today, they are our public sector education unions and these are unions that by and large are made up of women with women leaders,” says Lily Eskelsen García, the National Education Association president. “We aren’t not sitting by and accepting the status quo.”

Two Coming-of-Age Films: New York in the ’70s, Paris Today

Eric A. Gordon

Hollywood Progressive
Two films depicting a young person’s coming of age are showing on screens now: Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and Le Brio about a young Arab woman in Paris who achieves her dream of becoming a lawyer by overcoming the toxic racism of her law school professor.

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