The Trump Effect: New Study Connects White American Intolerance and Support for Authoritarianism

Portside Snapshot - May 28, 2018

It’s Time to Crack Down on the Toys ‘R’ Us Vulture Capitalists

Winnie Wong and Michael Kink

The Nation
Billionaire fund managers and their firms must pay for the damage they’ve caused. Toys “R” Us workers need immediate severance pay—if Bain and KKR were to forgo their predatory profits, each worker would receive about $15,000 in severance, a pittance for what in many cases is a lifetime of diligent

The Best Way to Honor Our Vets and Protect Americans? End the Wars

Rev. William Barber Jr. and Phyllis Bennis

The cost of our military is creating a national moral crisis, where our priorities are skewed, vulnerable communities are threatened, and our veterans aren’t being honored. This year, let’s honor them with action. Let’s end the wars.

Why Millennial Precarity Should Change The Way We Think About Class

Lauren Nicole Clark

The Establishment
With the bleak future millennials are facing, it must be asked: Will the cultural capital of middle classness retain the same meaning as the middle class in America continues to erode? Or will class culture and consciousness evolve?

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