[By the evidence of his five hours of interviews with the Senate
Judiciary Committee, Donald Trump Jr. seems to have lived his entire
adult life in a coma.] [https://portside.org/] 



 Ashley Feinberg 
 May 18, 2018
Huffington Post

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 _ By the evidence of his five hours of interviews with the Senate
Judiciary Committee, Donald Trump Jr. seems to have lived his entire
adult life in a coma. _ 



The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday released more than 2,500
pages of documents
from its inquiry into the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting on June 9,
One of the bigger, more troubling revelations from that release is the
fact that, at least by the evidence of his five hours of interviews,
Donald Trump Jr.
[https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/donald-trump-jr] seems to have
lived his entire adult life in a coma. 

How else to explain all the things Don Jr. does not know about his
business or even his own daily life? According to his testimony, he
doesn’t know his own home phone number. He doesn’t know who at
his company does background checks. Was he the guy passing along
certain well wishes to his father? “I don’t know that I was ever
the person,” he said. The fact that he manages to go even a day
without getting both feet stuck in paint cans and falling down a well
should be applauded.

Here is a comprehensive list of everything Don Jr. claims he
doesn’t know, in his own words (with some partial
quotes), regarding his 2016 meeting with Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort
and an unclear number of Russians. There are 216 items in total.

1. On what music promoter Rob Goldstone meant when he said that he
“can also send this info to your father via Rhona, but it is
ultrasensitive. So wanted to send to you first”: “I don’t

2. On whether he remembers what singer and son-of-an-oligarch Emin
Agalarov said on their two-minute phone call on June 6, 2016: “I

3. On whom he talked to for four minutes directly after that call:
“I have no idea.”

4. On whether he remembers what he did for 25 minutes in between two
phone calls with Emin Agalarov: “I don’t.”

5. On whether he knows what he talked about for three minutes on his
second call with Emin Agalarov: “I do not.”

6. On whom he talked to at 4:07 p.m. the next day: “I don’t

7. On whether he remembers what that call was about: “No, I

8. On what he told brother-in-law Jared Kushner and his dad’s
campaign manager Paul Manafort was the purpose of the June 9
meeting: “I don’t even know if I told them that.”

9. On whether Emin Agalarov has any specific ties to the Russian
government: “I’m not aware of specific ties.” 

10. On whether Emin Agalarov has any general ties to the Russian
government: “I would only speculate.” 

11. On whom he was going to meet with on June 9: “I did not know
who I was going to be meeting with.”

12. On whether there was an eighth person at the meeting: “I just
can’t remember.”

13. On whether Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin was at the
meeting: “I don’t recall now.”

14. On whether the people at the meeting introduced themselves: “I
don’t recall.”

15. On whether he had ever communicated with Russian lawyer Natalia
Veselnitskaya before the actual meeting: “Not to my knowledge.”

16. On how translator Anatoli Samochornov was introduced at the
meeting: “I don’t recall him being introduced.”

17. On how Georgian-American businessman Ike Kaveladze was
introduced: “He was introduced — I actually don’t remember how
he was introduced.”

18. On why Kaveladze was at the meeting: “I don’t recall.”

19. On whether anyone in the meeting mentioned the Justice
Department’s lawsuit against Prevezon Holdings: “It sounds
familiar, but I can’t recall.”

20. On whether he had been told that Veselnitskaya had been in court
right before the meeting: “I do not know that to be a fact.” 

21. On whether anyone in the meeting asked if his dad could do
something about the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Prevezon
Holdings if he became president: “Not that I remember.”

22. On whether Veselnitskaya gave him any names of the Democratic
National Committee supporters supposedly involved in a tax scheme:
“I don’t recall.”

23. On whether he knows Goldstone well: “I don’t know that I know
him well enough.”

24. On whether he knows if there was a meeting between the lawyer
representing the anti-Magnitsky Act effort and the Trump transition
team: “I do not.”

25. On whether The New York Times accurately quoted him when it wrote
“Asked at that time whether he had ever discussed government
policies related to Russia, the younger Mr. Trump replied ‘A hundred
percent no’”: “I do not know.”

26. On how he would know if he met any Russian nationals on the
campaign trail: “I don’t know how I would know.” 

27. On whether his dad helped to draft his July 8, 2017, statement
about the June 9, 2016, meeting: “I don’t know.”

28. On who actually did draft the statement: “Well, there were
numerous statements.”

29. On how many people worked on drafting the statement: “I don’t

30. On whether he has copies of the various drafts: “I don’t

31. On whether he communicated with anyone else from the June 9
meeting to discuss their public statements: “Not that I recall. I
may have.”

32. On whether he knows Belarusan-American businessman Sergei
Millian: “Not that I’m aware of.”

33. On what title Boris Epshteyn had in the Trump campaign: “I
don’t recall that.” 

34. On whether he’s aware of Alfa Bank: “No.”

35. On how well he knows former Trump Sr. adviser Carter Page: “If
you put him in this room today, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell
you who he was.”

36. On when he first met George Papadopoulos: “I have no idea.”

37. On what Papadopoulos did for the campaign: “I don’t recall at
this time.” 

38. On whether Rick Gates officially worked with the Trump campaign:
“I don’t know if he was affiliated officially.”

39. On what Gates actually did with the campaign: “I don’t recall
the specific title or role.” 

40. On whether his landline phone at work tracks calls to his number:
“I don’t know.”

41. On whether he kept a calendar during the campaign: “I imagine
very generally.”

42. On whether he remembers where he was when he first received
Goldstone’s “Russia-Clinton, private and confidential” email:
“I don’t.”

43. On whether he was traveling with the campaign when he received
the email: “I don’t recall that.”

44. On whether he discussed the email with anyone after receiving it:
“Not that I recall.” 

45. On whether he discussed the email with anyone over the following
weekend: “Not that I remember.”

46. On whether he talked to anyone about the email ever: “I don’t

47. On whether he discussed the planned June 9 meeting with Paul
Manafort prior to Manafort emailing him, “See you then”: “I
don’t recall discussing it with him at that time.”

48. On how Manafort would have known what the meeting was about if he
had never discussed it with him: “I don’t know.”

49. On whether Manafort ever asked him about the meeting: “Not that
I recall.”

50. On why his lawyers gave the Senate Judiciary Committee an
incomplete version of the email he’d forwarded to Manafort: “I do
not know.”

51. On how he decided which version of the email to release on
Twitter: “I don’t know.” 

52. On what he thought Goldstone was offering in the email: “I
didn’t know what exactly to make of the email.”

53. On whether Goldstone’s offer of “very high level sensitive
information” alarmed him: “I don’t know.”

54. On why it might not have alarmed him: “I don’t know because I
don’t remember thinking about it at the time.”

55. On whether he even thought about the email that was offering
sensitive information from Russia on Hillary Clinton (and to which he
responded almost immediately): “I don’t recall thinking about it
at the time.”

56. On whether he ever followed up “other than in response to Rob
following up with me three days late”: “I don’t know I ever
followed up.”

57. On whether he loved that the potentially incriminating
information was “part of Russia and its government’s support for
Mr. Trump”: “I don’t know. I don’t recall.”

58. On whether he knows if Goldstone also sent the email to his
dad’s then-assistant, Rhona Graff: “I do not.” 

59. On whether he also thought the information was
“ultrasensitive”: “I didn’t know what it was.”

60. Whether he ever actually spoke on the phone to Emin Agalarov: “I
don’t recall.”

61. On whether his dad uses a blocked number on any of his phones:
“I don’t know.” 

62. On whether Manafort uses a blocked number on any of his phones:
“I don’t know.” 

63. On whether he’d be surprised to find out that one of the numbers
he spoke to on June 7 belongs to Manafort: “I don’t know.”

64. On whether he spoke to Manafort on June 6, as his phone records
indicate he did: “I don’t recall.”

65. On whom he spoke to 15 minutes later (it was Jared Kushner): “I
don’t know off the top of my head.”

66. On whether he thinks he would have mentioned to either of them an
email he’d received just two days prior labeled “Russia-Clinton,
private and confidential”: “I just don’t recall.”

67. On whether Manafort asked him any questions about the meeting
beforehand: “Not that I recall.”

68. On whether Kushner asked him any questions about the meeting
beforehand: “Not that I remember.”

69. On whether he shared information or well wishes with his dad:
“I don’t know that I was ever the person.”

70. On whether anyone told his dad about the meeting: “I don’t

71. On the Crown prosecutor of Russia: “I don’t know what that
even is.”

72. On whether Manafort knew Rinat Akhmetshin: “I do not know if he
knew him.”

73. On whether he knows if Manafort knew Natalia Veselnitskaya: “I
do not.”

74. On whether Kushner knew Rob Goldstone prior to the meeting: “He
may have met Mr. Goldstone at the WGC [World Golf Championships]
Championship if he was there, I don’t even know if he was.”

75. On whether Kushner knew anyone in the meeting at all: “I don’t
believe so.”

76. On whether he had talked to Kushner about the meeting before The
New York Times reported on it: “I don’t remember.”

77. On whether anyone else was involved in that conversation that may
or may not have happened: “I don’t know.”

78. On what prompted him (possibly) to talk to Kushner about the
meeting before it was reported: “I don’t remember.”

79. On who asked questions in the meeting: “I don’t recall who

80. On how exactly he phrased his question to Veselnitskaya about
what any of what she was discussing had to do with getting dirt on
Clinton: “I don’t recall.”

81. On whether he specifically asked if they had incriminating
information on Clinton: “I don’t believe I specifically asked

82. On whether he would have accepted incriminating information, had
it been presented: “It depends.”

83. On whether he knows what campaign social media director Dan
Scavino did with the email Goldstone sent to both of them labeled
“Russia’s largest social media network ‘VK’ offers Trump
campaign message to over 2 million registered Russian-American voters
in the USA”: “I do not.”

84. On whether VK ever provided social media messaging for the Trump
campaign: “I don’t know.”

85. On what his dad was referring to when he said, four days before
the meeting, “I’m going to give a major speech on probably Monday
of next week and we’re going to be discussing all of the things that
have taken place with the Clintons. I think you’re going to find it
very informative and very, very interesting”: “I have no idea.”

86. On whether anyone had told his dad about the meeting: “I don’t

87. On whether Paul Manafort had discussed the meeting with his dad
when Manafort met with him earlier on June 9: “I don’t know.”

88. On whether he traveled out of the country on June 29: “I
don’t recall.”

89. On whether his dad had seen the original email chain discussing
the meeting prior to Don Jr. releasing his statement on July 8, 2017
“I don’t know.”

90. On what he understood a speaking bureau employee to mean
by “cover” when she wrote to him saying, “Are you up for doing
something during the G7 [summit] in Sicily with Fabien? We were
thinking that with the G7 taking place that would be the ‘cover’
if we need it”: “I didn’t.”

91. On whether anyone ever took action on Goldstone’s email about
VK: “I don’t know.” 

92. On whom he was producing documents for the first time he went
back and found the meeting email chain: “I don’t know.”

93. On whether anyone on the president’s team saw the email chain
before they helped Don Jr. craft his statement about it on July 8:
“I don’t actually know if they saw it, no.”

94. On when the meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak took
place: “I don’t remember the exact timing of when they took

95. On whether he asked Jared Kushner or campaign adviser Michael
Flynn about the meeting they had with Kislyak in Don Jr.’s office:
“I don’t think I did.”

96. On whether he had any interaction with Kislyak: “None that I

97. On whether he knows what was discussed during Kushner and
Flynn’s meeting with Kislyak, which was held in his office: “I do

98. On when he started using WhatsApp: “I don’t know.”

99. On whether his WhatsApp messages were reviewed for submission to
the Judiciary Committee: “I don’t know.”

100. On whether he has a home phone: “I don’t even know the
number of it.”

101. On whether he knows if he used his home phone for campaign
purposes: “No.”

102. On whether anyone contacted him on WhatsApp about campaign
matters: “I don’t believe so, but I’ll go back and check.” 

103. On who his dad’s lawyers are: “I don’t know.” 

104. On whether White House Counsel Don McGahn helped draft his
statement: “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

105. On whether presidential lawyer Ty Cobb helped draft his
statement: “I don’t know.”

106. On where he was at the time of the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in
Russia: “I don’t know.” 

107. On whether Russians or former “Soviet Republic” investors
are involved in any of his licensing deals: “None that I can recall,
but there may be small — we’re not in charge of who does financing
for what.”

108. On how he first met real estate developer Felix Sater: “I
don’t remember.”

109. On whether he knows who approached whom when he did first meet
Sater: “I don’t.”

110. On whether Sater was a principal at Bayrock Group: “I don’t
know their financial structure.”

111. On whether he recalls who brought a particular Fort Lauderdale
deal to the Trump Organization: “No, I don’t.”

112. On whether he did any sort of background check on Sater before
doing business with him: “I don’t recall.”

113. On what agencies the Trump Organization uses for background
checks: “I don’t remember the names of the agencies.”

114. On who at the Trump Organization handles background checks:
“There are people.”

115. On whether lawyer Michael Cohen had a relationship with Sater
before the Trump Organization did business with him: “I think we did
business with Mr. Sater before we met Michael Cohen, but I could be

116. On whether he knows why Sater had a Trump Organization business
card: “I don’t.”

117. On whether he has any idea how Sater got a Trump Organization
business card: “I don’t.”

118. On who at the Trump Organization handles business cards: “I
don’t know.”

119. On whether he learned about Sater’s criminal history recently
or in the past: “I don’t recall.”

120. On what his role was in the development of the hotel-condo Trump
SoHo: “I don’t know that I had a defined role.”

121. On whether he received any income or salary or fees other than
his equity interest through Trump SoHo: “Not that I remember.”

122. On whether he recalls who secured the financing for the Trump
SoHo deal: “I don’t.” 

123. On whether he knows who supplied the debt side of the deal: “I
don’t recall exactly.”

124. On whether any domestic banks provided financing: “I don’t

125. On whether any foreign banks provided financing: “I don’t

126. On whether they did any “additional diligence” on Bayrock
before developing Trump SoHo with that company: “I don’t know if
we did additional diligence.”

127. On whether they did due diligence on the Sapir Organization
before entering into the Trump SoHo deal: “I don’t remember.”

128. On whether there were ever any meetings about Felix Sater’s
criminal history being discovered: “Not that I recall.” 

129. On whether he remembers if anyone tried to notify the deal’s
financiers about Sater’s criminal history: “No, I don’t.”

130. On whether his dad ever knew about Sater’s criminal history:
“I don’t know.” 

131. On whether he knows how many people who bought condos in Trump
SoHo were U.S.-based versus foreign-based: “I don’t.”

132. On whether Prodigy, the sales agent, would have told the Trump
Organization where the buyers were based: “I don’t know that it
would matter to us where the buyers came from.”

133. On what “anonymous buyers” means: “I don’t know what
that means.”

134. On whether Trump SoHo allowed anonymous buyers: “I don’t

135. On whether any Trump SoHo buyers paid in all cash for their
units: “No idea.”

136. On whether Prodigy keeps track of buyers who pay in all cash:
“I don’t know that it would matter to Prodigy.”

137. On whether it ever matters if a buyer pays in all cash: “I
don’t think so.”

138. On whether the Trump Organization ever performed any due
diligence on the buyers of particular units it sold itself: “I
don’t recall.”

139. On what the structure was of the sales teams for various Trump
properties: “I just don’t remember.”

140. On whether he’s familiar with the Swiss Development Group:
“I’m not.”

141. On whether he knows who former Kazakhstan official and allegedly
corrupt investor Viktor Khrapunov is: “I do not.”

142. On whether Khrapunov ever owned any condos in Trump SoHo: “I
don’t know.”

143. On whether he knows who the counterparties were in the
prospective Trump Tower Moscow deal: “I don’t.”

144. On whether the counterparties had any connection to Felix Sater:
“I don’t know.”

145. On whether he knows how father Aras and son Emin Agalarov were
first introduced to his dad: “I don’t.”

146. On when the Trump Organization discussed Trump Tower Moscow with
the Agalarovs: “I don’t remember the exact timing.”

147. On when exactly the Trump Organization was exploring a project in
Azerbaijan: “I don’t know the exact timing.”

148. On who was involved in the potential Azerbaijan project: “I
don’t recall.”

149. On who the potential counterparty on the Azerbaijan project was:
“I don’t remember.”

150. On whether he knows why the Azerbaijan project never got built:
“I don’t.”

151. On whether Aras Agalarov, who is from Azerbaijan, was involved in
the Azerbaijan project: “I don’t know.”

152. On how he first met Emin Agalarov: “I don’t remember how we
were first introduced.”

153. On whether he knows if any of the Agalarovs attended his dad’s
inauguration: “I don’t.”

154. On whether any of the Agalarovs were invited to his dad’s
inauguration: “I don’t know.”

155. On whether Aras Agalarov has any connection to Vladimir Putin:
“I don’t know.”

156. On whether Emin Agalarov has any connection to Vladimir Putin:
“I don’t know.”

157. On whether it came as a surprise to him when Rob Goldstone
referenced a connection between the Agalarovs and the Russian
government in the original email chain: “I don’t know.”

158. On whether he thought about it at all: “I don’t know if I
thought about it.”

159. On whether the Trump Organization checks to see if counterparties
for potential deals are prohibited from doing deals with people from
the U.S.: “I would imagine that would fall to whoever’s doing the
background check.”

160. On whether he knows what the Trump Organization actually does to
confirm the finances of counterparties: “I don’t.”

161. On whether the Trump Organization ever performed any due
diligence on the Agalarovs: “I don’t know.”

162. On whether he knows the name “Ivan Markov”: “I don’t.”

163. On whether anyone else had ever met with the Trump Organization
to discuss a Trump property in Moscow: “Maybe. I don’t know.”

164. On whether the Trump Organization’s legal department keeps a
file of all its letters of intent: “I don’t know that they do, but
I assume they would.”

165. On what the Trump Organization considered developing in 2016:
“I just don’t remember what it was.”

166. On how many licensing deals the Trump Organization had in 2016:
“I don’t recall.”

167. On whether he knows what his dad did during the 2013 Miss
Universe Pageant or whom he met with: “No, not in any detail.”

168. On whether he knows who Oleg Deripaska is: “I don’t.”

169. On whether he knows who Peter Katsyv is: “I don’t.”

170. On whether he knows who Dennis Katsyv is: “No.”

171. On whether he knows who Sergei Gorkov is: “I don’t believe

172. On whether he knows who Igor Sechin is: “Not that I recall.”

173. On whether he knows who Konstantin Kilimnik is: “I don’t.”

174. On whether he knows who Dmitry Peskov is: “I don’t believe
I’ve met him.”

175. On whether he knows who Sergei Ivanov is: “No.”

176. On whether he knows who Igor Diveykin is: “I don’t.”

177. On whether he knows who Konstantin Kosachev is: “No.”

178. On whether he knows who Mikhail Kulagin is: “No.”

179. On whether he knows who Mikhail Fridman is: “Not that I

180. On whether he’s ever had any communications with Oleg Govorun:
“I don’t believe so.”

181. On whether he knows who Govorun is: “No.”

182. On whether he’s ever had any communications with Pyotr Aven:
“Doesn’t sound familiar.”

183. On whether he knows who Aven is: “No.”

184. On whether he’s ever heard of VTB Bank: “Not that I recall at
this time.”

185. On when he last saw Felix Sater in person: “It’s been

186. On whether he knows if Sater visited Trump Tower in July 2016:
“I don’t.”

187. On when he last spoke to Sater: “Also years.”

188. On when he last communicated with Sater in any form: “I have no

189. On whether he knew that Michael Cohen and Felix Sater met in
January 2017: “I did not know.”

190. On whether he is familiar with Ukrainian lawmaker Andrew
Artemenko: “I’m not.”

191. On when and how he first heard that someone had stolen
information from the DNC: “I don’t know.”

192. On whether he recalls when he first heard about the availability
of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails: “I don’t.”

193. On when he first heard that Podesta had been the target of cyber
attacks: “I don’t recall.”

194. On whether he ever talked to anyone on the campaign’s social
media team about using information that was obtained through the
attacks on the DNC and Podesta: “I just don’t remember having any
of those conversations.”

195. On whether he recalls when those conversations would have
occurred: “No.” 

196. On whether he nows who Peter Smith is: “No.”

197. On whether Michael Flynn ever made any efforts to obtain
Clinton’s emails: “I don’t know.”

198. On whether Steve Bannon ever made any efforts to obtain
Clinton’s emails: “I don’t know.”

199. On whether Kellyanne Conway ever made any efforts to obtain
Clinton’s emails: “I don’t know.”

200. On whether Sam Clovis ever made any efforts to obtain Clinton’s
emails: “I don’t know.”

201. On whether Carter Page ever made any efforts to obtain
Clinton’s emails: “I don’t know.”

202. On whether Roger Stone ever made any efforts to obtain
Clinton’s emails: “No idea.”

203. On who dealt with Stone: “I don’t know if anyone did.”

204. On whether Stone had an actual role in the campaign: “I
don’t know that he had an actual role in our campaign.”

205. On whether Stone communicated directly with his dad: “I
don’t know.”

206. On whether he talked about former FBI Director James Comey’s
testimony to Congress with anyone in the Trump Organization:
“Nothing specific that I recall.”

207. On whether he was at Mar-a-Lago with his dad and Michael Flynn
in the days before Flynn’s resignation as national security adviser:
“I don’t believe so, but I don’t know.”

208. On whether Flynn had conversations with any other foreign
government officials that have not been disclosed: “I’m not aware
of any.”

209. On his understanding of whether Flynn resigned or was fired:
“I don’t know that I have an understanding beyond what was

210. On what DC Leaks is: “Never even heard of DC Leaks.”

211. On whether he knows who Guccifer 2.0 is: “I don’t believe

212. On whether his dad has had any contact with Flynn since Flynn’s
resignation: “I don’t know.”

213. On what the conversations he’s had with Paul Manafort since
Manafort’s resignation as campaign chair on Aug. 18, 2016, have been
about: “I don’t know.”

214. On whether he talked to Jared Kushner before Kushner spoke to the
Senate intelligence committee: “I don’t recall speaking to him
about that specifically.”

215. On whether he’s seen Attorney General Jeff Sessions since the
election: “I may have seen him as part of the transition team after
the election.”

216. On whether he knows who on the transition team vetted candidates
for administration jobs: “I don’t.”

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