Portside Snapshot - September 26, 2017



The Difference Self-organising Makes: The Creative Resistance of Domestic Workers

Rose Mahi
Here are two pieces about challenges facing worker organizing in Middle East! Informal networks of self-help and mutual care have given rise to a workers-led alliance in Lebanon to fight for rights of domestic workers. In EI article, Al-Austath, who heads the Palestinian Federation of Garment Industries, argues that Israel has a deliberate policy of preventing Gaza from nurturing its own industries. “They hate us because we work hard and build our country,” he said.

Why We Need Community Centered Climate Policy Even More

SCOPE, Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education
Since the passage of the closed door California climate deal in late July, SCOPE has joined forces with grassroots leaders from across the state to organize town-halls, ground-truth the impacts of polluting industries in our neighborhoods, meet with legislators in Sacramento, and continue to push forward a community-led vision for transformation that starts in our own neighborhoods.

Farm-To-Table May Feel Virtuous, But It's Food Labor That's Ripe For Change

Andrea Reusing
NPR The Salt
Farm-to-table's sincere glow distracts from how the production and processing of even the most pristine ingredients — from field or dock or slaughterhouse to restaurant or school cafeteria — is nearly always configured to rely on cheap labor. Work very often performed by people who are themselves poor and hungry.




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