June 2, 2017
Anderson Cooper Reads Best 'covfefe' Tweets. Donald Trump vs Global Warming | Music Video. Macron Explains Paris Accord. Elián | Documentary. Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself.

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Anderson Cooper Reads Best 'covfefe' Tweets
CNN's Anderson Cooper reads some of the "covfefe" tweets that popped up after Donald Trump tweeted "despite the negative press covfefe."

Donald Trump vs Global Warming | Music Video
The science and the politics of climate change, explained to a beat.

Macron Explains Paris Accord
French President Macron slams President Trump for withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord. It's not renegotiable. 

Elián | Documentary
The remarkable story of Elián González, a five-year-old Cuban boy plucked from the Florida coast in 1999, and how the fight over his future sparked a flashpoint for simmering US and Cuban tensions. 

Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself

President Trump withdraws from the Paris climate accord, making the U.S. one of three nations on earth to not participate in the deal.



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