Portside Snapshot - May 13, 2017



Friday Nite Videos | May 12, 2017

Elizabeth Warren: Trump Fires the Investigators. John Lee Hooker - Serves Me Right to Suffer. John Oliver | Net Neutrality II. Mother's Day for Peace. Stephen Colbert Reacts to Trump Calling Him 'A No-Talent Guy'.

American Fascism, 1944 and Today

Henry Scott Wallace
New York Times
My grandfather, Henry A. Wallace was asked to write about "The Danger of American Fascism." And in my view, he predicted President Trump.

Don't Monkey With Education

Fay-Cooper Cole
Scientific American
In 1925 a Tennessee teacher of biology named Thomas Scopes was tried for teaching the theory of evolution. An expert witness at the trial relates how evolution lost in court but won in the eyes of the nation.

Committee Work

Francesca Bell
River Styx
He said, she said: The effects of sexual exploitation of women on campus depends on the credibility of one's point of view. Francesca Bell's poem "Committee Work" unveils this not-so-delicate dialogue.




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