Portside Snapshot - April 11, 2017



Remembering Che on the 50th Anniversary of his Assassination

James D. Cockcroft
James Cockcroft's Blog
2017 is the 50th anniversary of the CIA-ordered assassination of Che Guevara. In light of a recent upsurge in denunciations of Che and the Cuban Revolution, it is important to separate fact from fiction. Here are 5 important points to take into account, all in historical context, drawn from countless reliable sources, especially the References at the end of this article.

Trump Wants to Hand $54 Billion More to One of the World's Biggest Drivers of Climate Catastrophe

Sarah Lazare
The U.S. military is a key climate polluter, likely the “largest organizational user of petroleum in the world,” according to a congressional report released in December 2012. Beyond its immediate carbon footprint—which is difficult to measure—the U.S. military has placed countless countries under the thumb of western oil giants. Social movements have long sounded the alarm over the link between U.S.-led militarism and climate change.

Trump vs. the Resistance: Taking Stock 75 Days In

Max Elbaum
Organizing Upgrade
Scaffolding for an assessment of the correlation of forces after the battles from Trump's inauguration through the GOP's failure to repeal Obamacare, and what the next year may hold in store.
Note added April 7: This piece was finalized just before Trump's air strike in Syria. For updates on that extremely dangerous escalation, see the links added to the paragraph terming this "an aggressively militarist, war presidency" below.




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