Portside Snapshot - March 29, 2017



Congress Is Missing in Action as Trump Escalates War in Syria Amid Russia Probe

Michael Ludwig
The US has launched hundreds of deadly airstrikes in Syria, Iraq and Yemen in recent months, but putting boots on the ground in Syria signals a new level of participation in a war that Russia is also fighting. The Syrian government's ambassador to the United Nations claimed recent US military actions constitute an "illegitimate" invasion.

'Religious Left' Emerging as U.S. Political Force in Trump Era

Scott Malone
Church World Service, a coalition of Christian denominations which helps refugees settle in the United States - and the number of new churches offering help has grown so quickly that the group has lost count. "The religious community, the religious left is getting out, hitting the streets, taking action, raising their voices," said Reverend Noel Anderson, its national grassroots coordinator.

How Opposition to World War One Galvanized the Left

Juliet Kleber
New Republic
An interview with historian Michael Kazin. Michael Kazin’s book War Against War: The American Fight for Peace, 1914-1918 tells the story of these Americans, who tried to prevent the militarization of the United States.

An Era of Scorn for Our Government Workforce

Lee Saunders
The presidency of Donald Trump has ushered in a fresh wave of withering attacks on public employees at the federal level. Just days after taking the oath of office, Trump imposed a federal hiring freeze. And a new bill moving through Congress would eviscerate civil-service protections, making it easier to fire career government employees without due process.




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