Portside Snapshot - December 21, 2016



Is Russian Election Hack Just the Beginning for America?

The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board
The San Diego Union-Tribune
In 2000, UC San Diego professor Chalmers Johnson expanded on his observation in his book “Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire.” Johnson, who died in 2010, argued that the United States would inevitably face the same sort of dirty tricks it had played around the world, paying a price for trying to dominate far-away lands.

Building a Mass Socialist Party

Sam Gindin
The response to Bernie showed that a socialist party in the United States is possible. But there is no shortcut to building power.

Teaching Civics in the Time of Trump

Panyin Conduah
Moyers and Company
Do we need a new Schoolhouse Rock! to remind us how to run a democracy?
“Many teachers were scared this year to teach on the election because of the polarization in the country,” Louise Dube said. “They were concerned because they felt that their administration would not back them up in teaching it.”

Unions Stake Out Positions in Battle for DNC Chair

Justin Miller
The American Prospect
In the face of Trump and the GOP’s likely nationwide attack on unions, labor leaders are scrambling to ensure that they have a hand in reshaping a Democratic Party that has, as union power has diminished, sometimes pushed organized labor to the margins. Union members make up about 100 of the roughly 447 voting members of the Democratic National Committee, making union support a major factor in the race for DNC chair.




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