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Tidbits - November 24, 2016 - Reader Comments: Not a Revolution - Yet; Slavery, Democracy, the Electoral College; The U.S. Working Class; This Was Not a Working Class Revolt; Labor Leaders Deserve Their Share of the Blame; and more....

Reader Comments: Not a Revolution - Yet; Hamilton; Enabling Neo-Fascists; Slavery, Democracy, the Electoral College; Understanding the U.S. Working Class; This Was Not a Working Class Revolt; Remembering Tony Mazzocchi; Social Security is NOT Going Broke; Labor Leaders Deserve Their Share of the Blame; Honor the Thousands of Undocumented Workers; Venezuela; Flu Shots: Facts & Fallacies; and more..
Announcement: What Happened? What Now?

Urge President Obama to Grant Clemency to Leonard Peltier

It is not too late for President Obama to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier, imprisoned for past forty years. Peltier was a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM), which promotes Native American rights. In 1975, during a confrontation involving AIM members, two FBI agents were shot dead. Peltier was convicted of their murders, but has always denied killing the agents. The judge who authored the decision denying a new trial, has since voiced support for his release.

Labor and Politics - Labor Must Become a Movement; Learning the Right Lessons from 2016

Moshe Marvit; Jake Rosenfeld
With the election of Donald Trump, labor faces a unique opportunity. It will face hostility in all branches of the federal government, and will have to maintain a multi-pronged fight. Yes, union density numbers are at historically low levels, and the bulwark of public-sector unionism may suffer a major blow at the Supreme Court through a case challenging the constitutionality of fair-share fees in the public sector...It has the existential imperative to reform itself.

The "Women's March on Washington," Explained

Emily Crockett
It could be the biggest mobilization yet in response to a presidential inauguration. March organizers hope that the work of the march will reach far beyond January 21. The work of this march is not only to stand together in sisterhood and solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our families and our environment - but it is also to build relationships and mend the divides between our communities.

Four Ways to Look at Standing Rock: An Indigenous Perspective; 'People Are Going to Die': Father of Wounded DAPL Activist Sophia Wilansky Speaks Out

Kayla DeVault; Nika Knight
Yes! Magazine
Kayla DeVault writes, Standing Rock requires us not to forget cultural identity. Conversations about climate, loss and damage, must include loss and damage done to a way of life, to the sustainability of an entire identity of people. Is devastating policy brutality against water protectors in North Dakota a harbinger of what's to come?

Welcome Home

Courtney Stewart
The National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens
Many of our returning citizens are ill prepared for the tough road ahead of them, meeting conditions of their release, reuniting with family and loved ones, securing employment and stable housing. The prison system normally releases them to a parking lot miles away from where they are from and expects them to figure the rest out on their own.

Winning at Russian Roulette

Scott McLemee
Inside Higher Ed
McLemee looks at 30 academic studies of Hillary Clinton, finding interest in her focusing either as a user of some form of communication media or as an object of media representation.




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