Portside Snapshot - November 10, 2016



Politics Is the Solution

M. Erickson, K Hill, M Karp, C Kilpatric, B Sunkara
We can’t move to Canada or hide under the bed. This is a moment to embrace democratic politics, not repudiate them.

Quick reflections on the November 2016 elections

Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Let us lick our wounds and reflect on the future. This election result was one that more of us should have anticipated as a real possibility. In either case, that the results were so close and that we did not have the ideal candidate to represent the new majority emerging in the USA remains for me a source of immense hope. The struggle certainly continues.

Quick Reflections on the November 2016 Elections

Bill Fletcher Jr.
It is important to recognize that the Trump victory was far from a slam-dunk; the election was very close. One might not get that impression, however, when one looks at news headlines as well as Electoral College maps. Bill Fletcher shares some quick reflections.

The Hope of a Suggestion

M. Sophia Newman
The Millions
A new book of essays by one of this country's most celebrated poets.




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