Portside Snapshot - October 26, 2016



How to Win a Strike - Harvard Students Support Dining Workers

Brandon J. Dixon, Hannah Natanson, and Leah S. Yared, CRIMS
The Harvard Crimson
1. Roughly 500 students walked out of classes and rallied in Harvard Yard, more than 100 students and supporters of Harvard’s picketing dining services workers sat in the lobby of 124 Mt. Auburn St., singing, and chanting—and, eventually, doing homework—for nearly seven hours.
2. Tentative agreement reached after a day of intense picketing and rallying by both HUDS workers and student supporters.

Tom Hayden and the Unfinished Business of Democracy

The Nation
The Nation
 From helping to found the New Left in the 1960s right up to this turbulent election season, Hayden was a pillar of Democratic politics, a brilliant strategist and political thinker, and a leading advocate for a more just and equal society.

Harvard, Striking Dining Hall Workers Make Deal

Katheleen Conti and Adam Vaccaro
The Boston Globe
The settlement may well resonate beyond the gates of Harvard Yard. It marks the fourth time in recent months that a union has bucked a long and steady decline in the clout of organized labor groups. The show of strength for organized labor comes at a time when just 11.1 percent of the US workforce is unionized. Some labor specialists say changing economic conditions are giving unions newfound leverage, despite their relatively modest ranks.




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