Portside Snapshot - October 5, 2016



Campus Workers Unmask Scheme To Privatize All Tennessee Property

Melanie Barron and Jeffrey Lichtenstein
Labor Notes
In Tennessee it was through this office, charged with overseeing the state’s purchases and contracts, that Governor Bill Haslam concocted the biggest privatization scheme you’ve never heard of.
And he would have gotten away with it, too—if it weren’t for a tough campus-workers union that discovered his plans and launched a raucous fight.

Honeywell Workers Say Lockout Aims to Destroy Union: 'It's Corporate Greed'

Stephen Greenhouse
The Guardian
Honeywell and the UAW resumed talks this week after reaching a stalemate but tempers are high. The company has embraced a weapon that has grown increasingly popular across corporate America as organized labor has grown weaker: locking out workers to throw the union on the defensive and perhaps break the union’s and the workers’ will.

U.S. Diplomacy: A Dangerous Proposal

Conn Hallinan
Foreign Policy in Focus
While the mainstream media focuses on losers and winners in the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a largely unreported debate is going on over the future course of U.S. diplomacy. Its outcome will have a profound effect on how Washington projects power—both diplomatic and military—in the coming decade.




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