Portside Snapshot - October 2, 2016



Being a Revolutionary in Cuba Today

Enrique Ubieta G¢mez
Granma (Cuba)
Socialist democracy, essentially superior, still has a long way to go. Being revolutionary is participating with a perspective of committed criticism. Criticizing is not reporting a known fact; it is acting on it, pushing toward its solution... Radicalism in understanding and in action; the revolutionary seeks the root of a problem, even when it cannot be extirpated immediately, even when one errs in pointing it out and moves rapidly into action....

Recalculating the Climate Math

Bill McKibben
New Republic
The numbers on global warming are even scarier than we thought. The future of humanity depends on math. And the numbers in a new study released Thursday are the most ominous yet.

Bernie Sanders: The `Nation' Interview

Katrina vanden Heuvel and John Nichols
The Nation
In an exclusive post-primary sit-down, Senator Sanders speaks on Our Revolution, Donald Trump, and what he really thinks about Hillary Clinton. "I've got to do everything that I can to make sure that Trump does not become president."

As In Flint: Government Fails to Protect East Chicago Residents

Joshua Schneyer and M.B. Pell
All 1,100 low-income residents in the West Calumet Housing Complex in the East Chicago, Indiana are being forced to move due to the high levels of lead. And many are outraged about why the dangerous soils weren't identified and removed earlier and why a branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had assured them they and their children were safe.

The Darker Legacy of Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres

Haggai Matar
+972 Magazine
Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres was feted as a visionary man of peace, but his legacy is more complex and nefarious. He bears prime responsibility for the Oslo Accords, which created a Palestinian Authority without authority and enshrined Israeli control over all aspects of life in occupied Palestine. He launched the military operation that resulted in the Qana massacre of civilians in Lebanon, and sold nuclear weapons to the South African apartheid regime.

Waivers Can Fix Out-of-Date Federal Labor Laws

Andrew Stern & Eli Lehrer
Washington Examiner
Moderators Note: This Portside Labor moderator does not agree with the following proposal by Andy Stern and Eli Lehrer. I do believe that the left in the labor movement needs to know what schemes conservatives are proposing, especially when it comes from a former "labor leader".




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