Portside Snapshot - August 15, 2016



50 years Since Marquette Park - A Broader View

Marilyn Katz
Chicago Sun-Times
Without a grasp of history, it is hard to know the power and lessons of the past. Without knowledge of the long arc of change, it is hard to know where to go or how to get there.

Where Does The Mass Of A Proton Come From?

Ethan Siegel
We may be close to understanding the interactions of quarks and gluons within the nucleus of atoms, and when we do one of the longest-standing mysteries of physics, where the mass of the known matter of the universe comes from, may finally yield to humanity.

In South Texas, Fair Wages Elude Farmworkers, 50 Years After Historic Strike

John Burnett
A lot has changed since 1966, when watermelon workers in the South Texas borderlands walked out of the melon fields in a historic strike to protest poor wages and appalling working conditions. What hasn't changed is the work: It's as brutal as ever. Workers are vulnerable to getting cheated by growers and crew bosses. Texas — with the third-largest population of farmworkers after California and Florida — has some of the lowest agricultural wages in the country.

Comic-Con Proves That Luke Cage Might Be the Most Important Thing Marvel Has Done

Joanna Robinson
Vanity Fair
In the official teaser for the show, Cage dons a hoodie just as Batman would put on a cowl or Thor would don a cape. But in a post-Trayvon Martin world, that image—of Cage pulling the hood tight around his face—is a loaded one. And all of this imagery comes in a series that centers on Luke Cage’s wrongful imprisonment.




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