Portside Snapshot - August 13, 2016



Breaking the Camouflage Wall of Silence When AFRICOM Evaluates Itself, the News Is Grim

By Nick Turse
In an era of too-big-to fail generals, an age in which top commanders from winless wars retire to take prominent posts at influential institutions and cash in with cushy jobs on corporate boards, AFRICOM chiefs have faced neither hard questions nor repercussions for the deteriorating situation. (Similar records -- heavy on setbacks, short on victories -- have been produced by Washington’s war chiefs in Afghanistan and Iraq for the past 15 years...)

New Film "Love and Solidarity", Non-violence for Systemic Change

Will Jones and Mike Honey
Love and Solidarity, a new film directed by Mike Honey and co-produced with film maker Errol Webber. Non-violence is NOT passive, but is militant and effective theory and practice. Portside Moderator Will Jones interviews Honey about the film and highly respected, long time RELIGIOUS LEADER, organizer, and educator James Lawson.

Thinking About the Election

Michael Albert and Stephen R. Shalom
The Real News Network
As the U.S. election season proceeds, there is contro-versy, confusion, consternation, and sometimes re-crimination. Below, in a question and answer format, we present our views on these matters, hoping to contribute to the discussion.

Dream Defenders Statement on the Condemnation of M4BL Platform by Some Pro-Israel Groups

Dream Defenders
Dream Defenders
Those who previously claimed to be allies of the Black lives matter movement have shown us that they are comfortable with our resistance so long as it fits within particular confines. It is convenient to endorse black lives matter when it benefits you. And as long as we stay silent about Israeli apartheid, they will "stand" with Black liberation in the US.


Jed Myers
Cultural Weekly
An antidote to anti-immigrant sentiment, Seattle poet Jed Myers generously welcomes newcomers to this nation of immigrants, offering empathy and greeting from our ancestors: "what we’ve secured/only a few breaths before..."




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