Portside Snapshot - July 24, 2016



Failed Coup and the Clear and Present Danger of Turkey’s Nukes

Jonathan Marshall
The post-coup chaos in Turkey, home to NATO’s largest nuclear weapons storage facility, is an alarming reminder about the risk of siting nuclear weapons in unstable regions where they serve no clear strategic purpose, but pose a clear and present danger. At issue is not only the obvious risks of nukes falling into unfriendly hands, but also, after the fall of the USSR, who are these hydrogen bombs, a quarter of NATO’s theater nuclear weapons, to be used against?

No NBA All-Stars in NC

Chris Kromm
Facing South
NBA's decision to pull All-Star game could have big political fallout in North Carolina

Striking a Blow Against Debtors' Prisons

Sue Sturgis
Facing South
In the case that sparked the Montgomery lawsuit, days an out-of-work grandmother was ordered to serve in jail because she was unable to pay old tickets and the fees charged by a private probation company hired by the city to collect fines: 31

Tim Kaine Has a Troubling Record on Labor Issues

John Nichols
The Nation
“Kaine did meet with union leaders in Madison. But he supported Virginia’s right-to-work laws during his gubernatorial campaign and his four years in office. Even the group that seeks to expand these laws [the National Right to Work Foundation] concedes Kaine did few things that troubled them.”




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