Portside Snapshot - June 23, 2016



Futures and Afrofuturism: An Interview with Krista Franklin

TL Andrews
Berlin Art Link
Afrofuturism posits a future that disrupts the present and calls out its injustices. Krista Franklin produces poetry and visual art in the Afrofuturist tradition. Her poems and art works have been published in Black Camera, Copper Nickel, and Encyclopedia, Vol. F-K. Franklin’s work has been exhibited nationally in the U.S., and was featured on 20th Century Fox’s ‘Empire’ (Season Two). She is interviewed on Berlin Art Talk about her artistic interpretations of the future.

Alabama Rising

Joe Keffer
The Stansbury Forum
Birmingham, Alabama, 74% African-American, with 47 % of its children living in poverty passed a minimun wage bill to take effect this March. Republican in the State House passed legislation to undue the measure, taking away the right of local juristiction to enact labor ordinances that impact workers. As a result, 42,000 low-wage workers in Birmingham lost wages increases. Now workers are fighting back with a state-wide Living Wage campaign.

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy

Harry Targ
In this new book, Jerry Harris traces the links between the current stage of the development of transnational capitalism and the decline of democratic norms throughout society. Harry Targ guides us through this terrain, and, along the way, raises some critical questions about the significance of Harris's findings for today's social movements.




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