Portside Snapshot - June 27, 2016



Unity Efforts Hit Snag at Final Meeting Over Democratic Platform

Isaac Stanley-Becker
Washington Post
The meeting was underway Friday in St. Louis for scarcely more than an hour when the committee’s chairman, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), called a multiple-hour recess to resolve disagreements that were beginning to stir acrimony among committee members

State Terrorism and Education, the New Speculative Sector in the Stock Market

Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F.
El Enemigo Común
(Orginally published in Spanish on SubVersiones, see links at the end.) If the national teachers movement in Mexico manages to bring down the educational reform, there will be a path to bringing down all the structural reforms that are occurring in the country’s strategic sectors, such as the energy sector. This is the assessment that teachers are making. This is precisely the fear of the federal government.

Penny Dreadful Is Proving that Misandry in Feminism Can Be Fun

Lauren Sarner
Inverse Entertainment
A brief primer, for those unfamiliar with Penny Dreadful: the show takes place in a fictional Victorian London where gothic creatures of the night exist, seances abound, and famous literary characters (Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray) mingle with original characters.




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