Portside Snapshot - March 9, 2016



'We wasted 40 years talking about nothing, doing nothing' : Pappe demolishes the peace process

Philip Weiss
The ethnic cleansing of some 500 villages in 1948 was followed by the ethnic cleansing of 36 Palestinian villages inside Israel between ‘48 and ‘56 and the creation of the Gaza Strip as a refugee camp for expelled Palestinians. From the early ’60s on an Israeli “lobby” of generals and politicians demanded that Israel also colonize the West Bank. David Ben-Gurion stood in the way but in 1964 he was expelled from the government and the lobby gained power.

Dr. Quentin Young, Doctor to Martin Luther King Jr. and Obama, Dies at 93

Sam Cholke
DNAinfo Chicago
"From my adolescent years to the present, I've never wavered in my belief in humanity's ability - and our collective responsibility - to bring about a more just and equitable social order. I've always believed in humanity's potential to create a more caring society.

Tech Workers Should Unionize

Hamilton Nolan
The fact that your company gives you good free lunches and shuttles to work and nice paycheck does not change the fact that you could get more by negotiating together, as a union. Anyone smart enough to get a job at Google is smart enough to grasp these facts.

Homegrown: A New HBO Film Delves Into FBI Arrests of Youths for Terrorism Crimes They Might Commit

Murtaza Hussain
The Intercept
The ethical issues involved in preventive counterterrorism cases are the theme behind much of Homegrown. Following 9/11, law enforcement agencies were given a mandate to halt terrorist acts before they occurred, rather than investigate crimes after the fact. This directive inevitably gave rise to some disturbing ethical questions. When is it acceptable to arrest someone for a crime they haven’t actually committed, but you think they might commit in the future?




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