Portside Snapshot - March 13, 2016



Fukushima Five Years Later: Unfolding and Still Uncontrolled

H. Patricia Hynes
March 11th marked the 5th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, one of only two nuclear accidents classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale, (the other being Chernobyl). And while the mainstream media ignores Fukushima’s still unfolding nuclear tragedy; others are pointing to Fukushima’s still intractable problems of public health and safety, radioactive waste and contamination, a grave situation for which no “textbook” exists.

Chasing Utopia

Sam Gindin
Worker Ownership and Cooperatives Will Not Succeed by Competing on Capitalism's Terms.

California Bill Would Let Gig Workers Organize for Collective Bargaining

Jennifer Van Grove
LA Times
Gig workers include Uber and Lyft drivers, DoorDash and Postmates food delivery drivers, Handy house cleaners and Amazon "flex" workers who deliver packages. They are technically independent contractors who set their own terms of employment — taking as many or as few jobs as they want — but they have no control over wages, which can be changed at a whim by the companies in charge.




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