Portside Snapshot - February 6, 2016



Friday Nite Videos -- February 5, 2016

Jesus Reads Quotes From Republican Candidates. Six Responses to Bernie Sanders Skeptics. Movie 'Requiem For The American Dream.' New York Times Parody Edition. President Obama Speaks at the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

What Do Our Wealthiest Deserve?

Sam Pizzigati
Too Much
Our world’s billionaires don’t merit either their billions, the economist Didier Jacobs suggests, or the right to claim we’re all living in a ‘meritocracy.’

Ben Jealous, Danny Glover Back Bernie Sanders

The Baltimore Sun, Huffington Post, The Hill
With relatively little media coverage, some prominent Black leaders have recently endorsed Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, with a former head of the NAACP saying “Bernie Sanders has been a principled, courageous, and consistent fighter against the evils that Dr.

Steps Toward a Third Reconstruction

Reverend Dr. William J. Barber, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Reverend Dr. William J. Barber has been leading the grassroots, progressive movement in North Carolina. Here are his principles for successful organizing.

The Calving Age

Kirk Glaser
Sand Hill Review
Climate change; glacial melting: Northern California poet Kirk Glaser depicts what's already happening, forecasts where we're all heading.




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