Portside Snapshot - January 14, 2016



Why Israel's Schools Merit a US Boycott

Saree Makdisi
Los Angeles Times
The justification for an academic boycott — which targets institutions, not individual scholars — stems from the peculiar relationship between Israel's educational system and its broader structures of racism.

When the Supreme Court Busts a Union

Jay Michaelson
The Daily Beast
Can public-employee unions charge a fee in order to represent all their workers? The Supreme Court heard the case on Monday.

How to Make Sense of Anti-Latino Racism

Linda Martín Alcoff
The Indypendent
The idea that some cultures are unchangeably “backward” and hence inassimilable is the basis for the new concept called “cultural racism.” And it is cultural racism, not the diversity of cultures, that threatens the aspirational democratic values that are often articulated yet too rarely achieved in the United States.

Black Students Win UC Prison Divestment

Anthony Williams
Afrikan Black Coalition
On Dec. 31, the University of California (UC) finished selling all of its direct investments in private prison corporations concluding the university’s recent divestment from the GEO Group and the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), two major for-profit businesses funding and maintaining American prisons. This decision to divest was in response to pressure from the African Black Coalition (ABC). Read ABC's press statement issued last month.

UFCW Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

UFCW Press Release
United Food and Commercial Workers
The United Farm and Commercial Workers endorse Hillary Clinton for President. They are the largest private sector union in the United States. The union has 1.3 million workers whose membership is primarily women and minorities.

How to Read Like David Bowie

Grace O'Connell
Open Books Toronto
"David Bowie Is," an exhibition that started its international tour in London in 2013, garnered a lot of attention for its surprising diversity and depth. One of the exhibition's most interesting features was a selection from the musician and pop star's library. As a tribute to him, we present that book list as first published by Open Books Toronto when the exhibition reached that city.




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