Portside Snapshot - January 13, 2016



Bernie Nabs Double-Digit Lead in NH as Women Ditch Clinton for Surging Sanders

Sarah Lazare
Common Dreams
Released Tuesday by Monmouth University, the poll found that Sanders has 53 percent support in the state, compared to 39 percent backing Clinton.
Notably, the survey concludes that Sanders now has an edge over Clinton with women voters, at 50 percent to 44 percent respectively. This lead reverses Sanders' 37 percent to 56 percent deficit among women in an identical Monmouth poll taken just two months ago.

New York Public Library Makes 180,000 High-Res Images Available Online

Camila Domonoske
On Wednesday January 6, the library released more than 180,000 of its public-domain items — including maps, posters, manuscripts, sheet music, drawings, photographs, letters, ancient texts — as high-resolution downloads, available to the public without restriction.

Socialist Win in Seattle: Anomaly or Harbinger?

Jonathan Rosenblum
A socialist win in Seattle demonstrates that ordinary people are receptive to unapologetic left politics. Can Seattle socialists expand their base and advance progressive reforms like rent control and a tax on the richest residents? And what can left activists elsewhere take from Seattle to launch their own progressive candidacies?

Climate Insurgency after Paris

Jeremy Brecher
In December of 2015 - the earth's hottest year since recordkeeping began -- 195 nations met in Paris to forge an agreement to combat global warming. The governments of the world acknowledged their individual and collective duty to protect the earth's climate -- and then willfully refused to perform that duty. What did they agree to, and how should the people they govern respond?

Europe, A Love Story: Michael Moore’s Latest Film Tries To Sell Social Democracy to America

Jeremy Ganz
In These Times
Past Moore movies have proven that huge audiences can be found for political documentaries. Oscar-winning Bowling for Columbine was the highest-grossing documentary until Fahrenheit 9/11 snagged that record, and Sicko is in the top 10 for the genre. But all those films aimed their fire squarely at the United States, while Where to Invade Next aims a meandering Hi-Liter at a smattering of countries. And we all know that outrage is an easier sell than optimism.




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