Portside Snapshot - January 12, 2016



The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 13 Top Healthcare Stories of 2015

Mark Dudzic
Labor Campaign for Single Payer
These stories illustrate the powerful social forces and corporate interests shaping healthcare policy. And they continue to inspire a healthcare justice movement that says that Obamacare is not enough and that the time has come to finish the job and make healthcare a right for everyone in America.

Chinese Railroad Workers

Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
During the 1860's, Chinese laborers were brought in to help construct the first U.S. trans-continental railroad between the Atlantic & the Pacific coasts. They worked long hours & were underpaid, and most of the time in extreme weather conditions. Many lost their lives in this historic epic, but their contributions were buried & their history untold.

Where Did the OUR Walmart Campaign Go Wrong?

Peter Olney
In These Times
Within the labor movement, we never want to share publicly critiques of work to be utilized by our class enemies—in this case, Walmart. I appreciated the energy and excitement among participants in the OUR Walmart campaign and observers who saw it as a potential labor renaissance. I didn't want to be perceived as an old crank pissing on a new parade that didn't fit my measure of what worker organizing should be. But my reticence has now been overridden.

How coffee loves us back

Alvin Powell
Harvard Gazette
Recent research at Harvard is just part of an emerging picture of coffee as a potentially powerful elixir against a range of ailments, from cancer to cavities




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