Portside Snapshot - January 2, 2016



Friday Nite Videos -- January 1, 2016

Playing for Change: Pemba Laka. Fewer Police Killings in 2016? 'Make America Great Again.' Why Mormons Identify With Syrian Refugees. Noam Chomsky Endorses Bernie Sanders.

Police Killings: Why We Must Keep Counting

Guardian Editorial
The Guardian
The Counted has made up for the Obama administration’s failings, but the lack of oversight remains. So we will restart our count of people killed by police until the government does its job

Big Oil Braced for Global Warming While It Fought Regulations

Amy Lieberman and Susanne Rust
Los Angeles Times
“What is most unfortunate is that polarization around climate change ... was manufactured by those whose financial and political interests were most threatened.” Even today, that polarization has crippled any hopes for bipartisan policy solutions.

Will the GOP Mount a Third-Party Challenge to Trump?

Jeff Greenfield
When Republicans look at the perils posed by a third-party bid from Donald Trump, they may be looking in the wrong direction. It’s not Trump the Defector that could trigger the biggest threat to the party, but Trump the Nominee.

The Wall

Ally Malinenko
Brooklyn poet Ally Malinenko offers a sardonic/graphic expose of East Germany's nostalgia for the old days.




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