Portside Snapshot - December 8, 2015



What We Learned In Chicago

Mark Dudzic
Labor Campaign for Single Payer
October's national single payer strategy conference in Chicago was truly an historic event. For the first time in decades, national single payer advocacy organizations came together around a joint agenda and focused on building unity and strategic clarity as we work to finish the job and make healthcare a right for everyone in America.

Why Non-profits Can't Lead the 99%

Warren Mar
The Stansbury Forum
Warren Mar has written a provocative piece on the role of Community Based Organizations and Worker Centers in the working class movement. He explores controversial issues of the funding and democratic control of these organizations which have filled a vacuum in organizing particularly among immigrant workers.

Isis Shouldn’t Dictate How We Address Refugees

Chelsea Manning
The Guardian
We must not let Isis’s crimes dictate how we address the refugee crisis – or privacy. Some want to exploit the Paris attacks in order to justify seizures of power to meet their own political ends. We should not let that happen.

The Entire Labor Movement Should Be Paying Attention to Wisconsin's Kohler Strike

Joe Burns
In These Times
Strikes have become rare; open-ended strikes at industrial plants even more so. 2,000 workers have been on strike in northern Wisconsin for several weeks. The odds are against them, and they need support. What is the future of the labor movement if unions lost the ability to launch and win strikes?

Wanna Fix the Food System? Science Can Help

Mark Bittman
I am excited to announce my new partnership with the Union of Concerned Scientists, a team of scientists, economists and politicians working towards transforming our current food system into one that endeavors to grow food that’s healthy, green, affordable, and fair.




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