Portside Snapshot - December 12, 2015



Friday Nite Videos -- December 11, 2015

Jordan Klepper: Good Guy with a Gun. People Get Ready -- The Impressions. Donald Trump Isn't Funny Anymore. Adam Driver Brings Arts to the Armed Forces. Movie: The Big Short.

The Brutal Delegate Math That Could Allow the GOP to Steal the Nomination From Trump

Ian Millhiser
Think Progress
The likelihood of a Trump nomination and the possibility of a Republican convention in which no candidate has a clearcut majority are both rising. Now, Republican party leaders are actively planning how they could block a Trump nomination if he doesn't have the nomination locked down. Here's how they might do it.

FBI to Sharply Expand System for Tracking Fatal Police Shootings

Kimberly Kindy
Washington Post
Reporting from public sources over the last year, the Washington Post has identified more than 900 fatal shootings by police — an average of nearly three deaths a day. By contrast, the FBI has recorded about 400 deaths a year over the past decade, or just over one death a day — less than half the rate recorded by The Post. The FBI is now unveiling an attempt to compile a more complete record.


James Scruton
Poet Lore
James Scruton dedicates this poem about his own white-collar labors to the late Philip Levine, the poet who celebrated working-class people who spent their lives “digging or pounding…wrenching or drilling.”




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