Portside Snapshot - October 28, 2015



Blacks, Low-Wage Employment and the Fight for $15

Marc Bayard
Forty-two percent of all U.S. workers make less than $15 per hour. This is shocking but even more shocking is that more than half of African American workers make less than $15 an hour, according to the National Employment Law Project (NELP). If one delves even deeper you discover that Black women are even more ensnared in this low-wage trap, as Linda Burnham, Research Director at the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), points out.

The Paradox of Paul Ryan: Why the Tea Party’s Right to be Wary

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
Common Dreams
There’s a paradox to all this. Despite his ideological kinship with the anti-government crowd, Paul Ryan is the embodiment of the troika of money, power, and politics that corrupts and controls the capital, the very thing the tea partiers detest.

Portugal Government Fuels Debate About Democracy in Europe

Stephen Fidler, Patricia Kowsmann, Matt Moffett
Wall Street Journal
An interesting article from The Wall Street Journal describing the current crisis of parliamentary democracy in Portugal in which the left coalition was not allowed to form a government, but the pro Eurozone forces will not be able to govern.

The Idea of the Deep State and "Real Alternatives."

Harry Targ
Diary of a Heartland Radical
The concept, “deep state,” describes the hidden policy-making process. It suggests that power to make critical decisions resides not in the superstructure of the political process; the place were competitive games are played for all to see, but in powerful institutions embedded in society that can make decisions without requiring popular approval.

The Hellish Conditions Facing Workers At Chicken Processing Plants

Poultry worker average about $11 an hour, or between $20,000 and $25,000 a year. For every dollar spent on a chicken product, a worker sees just two cents. That kind of pay qualifies a poultry worker with two children for food stamps and free school lunches. And they still might not see all of their promised pay. They often working more than 40 hours a week — they’re required to stay at most plants until all chickens are processed — but rarely get overtime pay.

Film Review: Praising "Trumbo"

Bill Meyer
Hollywood Progressive
Director Jay Roach, known for lighter fare like the Austin Powers series and Meet The Fockers, has taken on a heady subject, no less than the most famous communist in Hollywood history – Dalton Trumbo.




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